June 6, 2018

Wednesday - Muggy but not rainy

An okay day.

It was the last day of Penny Dreadful today, so a bit sad for me.  I really enjoyed it, and it was lovely to see it again.  I’m ahead of myself again.

F had an early morning today so when I woke up at 8 am I was almost surprised that I was alone. Of course, even on regular days, he should be long gone by 8! I got up, set up my water pot, made the bed, got dressed, all that good stuff.  I watched my morning detective show, it just finished today, but tomorrow The Blacklist starts again.  James Spader in the mornings. I am so there!

I got my breakfast this morning and said a cheerful good morning to K.  I don’t usually see her or the door is closed, but she’s been opening more doors to let breezes flow through.  I grabbed breakfast and went upstairs.  Oh, my stomach seemed a bit better. Not completely there you understand, but better than yesterday.  

I did a couple of loads of laundry and watched a few shows off the DVR.  I waited for a good moment to watch Penny Dreadful. It was so good!

I knew that F would be late today and I still wasn’t feeling great from yesterday’s stomach bug so I basically took things easy.  

Oh, this is a bit interesting I think.  In the morning, I watched a bit of a compilation show of 80’s music performances from Britain.  The show had Jermaine Stewart on it. He wasn’t singing his most famous song, but it was okay and I decided to look him up on Wikipedia.  Sad to say, he died a few years ago.  
(There will be more later….)

I did a bit of knitting today while I was watching telly, also watched last week’s The Night Manager.  Been enjoying that one.  

F came back to the house after 6 pm.  I’d made a list of places we could go for dinner and ran them by him.  My first pick was Aki, the okonomiyaki place near our old apartment.  The food is good and it is a local business, not a chain so I like to go there.  F was okay with it.  We went and had a really good meal.  We each ordered an okonomiyaki and swapped out one piece to the other.  We decided we liked our own best, so I got lots of curry cheese yumminess.  

We just came back to the house after dinner, well via the grocery store to grab an iced coffee for me. 

F took a shower and I watched a little TV.  Grey’s Anatomy was rather good tonight. This 14th season seems to sizzle somehow.  Jo’s ex-husband was around and April had a really bad day where her patients didn’t make it.  There was a scene where Miranda and her husband sat her son down and had “the talk” with him about how to act if he was stopped by police.  It made me want to cry at the unfairness of it all.  

When I started to prepare my blog entry for tonight, I updated the index page for June 6th and in the bit that changes every day I had quoted Jermaine Stewart’s song, “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off.” Isn’t that a strange coincidence? I’m not sure when I actually used the lines. It could have been a year or two or three…I just add the latest date to the chart.  

Anyway, that’s about it for me. Tomorrow I have one more load of laundry that must be done and I really should do some Postcrossing, or at least go and get postage stamps.  Come back later and see what I do get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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