May 31, 2018

Thursday - Muggy and then rainy later on.

A good day.

I woke up early but went back to sleep until 8ish.  I got up and watched the news and then my morning detective show.  F came back from his test before he was even supposed to have the test!  He was early and I guess they just went with it.  

We had a quiet morning in.  F made udon for him and his mother, I had my lovely cereal and yogurt. After a while, F and I decided to go out. He suggested going to the Kamo Aquarium and having lunch there.  It sounded like an odd plan, but I was okay with it!

We drove down to the aquarium and I got a membership there today.  We did go and have lunch first and that was a surprise too. It was expensive but really good.  

My lunch...grilled fish with sashimi, miso soup, rice, chawanmushi and veggies.
We spent the next couple of hours in the aquarium.  We took in a Sea Lion Show and one about the jellyfish, and just generally enjoyed ourselves.
Gratuitous Jellyfish Pictures

When we finished, we drove back to Tsuruoka and picked up a bento for K.  We dropped it off and had a chat about what to do for us.  We decided to go and see Deadpool 2 and have dinner.  F chose a place to go, but as I explained to him, we just wouldn’t have time to have dinner first.  It was 5:15 and the movie started at 6…not enough time to get there and have a meal.  My next idea was to buy something from the bakery in the theatre building and then eat the food in the lobby.  F liked that, so we went to the cinema. Unfortunately, the bakery had closed at 5 pm.  Oops.  

We decided to go to a convenience store and get something to eat there.  I got an avocado and chicken sandwich with honey mustard. It was good, but the mustard was a bit strong.  F got some rice balls.  We went back to the cinema, parked in the parking and ate our food.  

We did go and see Deadpool 2 and although it was extremely violent, I really enjoyed it.  I had heard it wasn’t as good as the first one, but I liked it a lot. I howled at a lot of the jokes.  F seemed to like it too, so that was good.

After the movie we wanted a light meal, so we ended up at Kula Sushi.  We had a little bit of sushi and both had a noodle dish there too.  

We left after a while and came back to the house.  

F was up for a while
but fell asleep.  He’s got to go back to work tomorrow.  I’m sleepy so will go to bed soon I think.

Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  Come back in a bit and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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