October 15, 2009 - Thursday

Sunny but cool.

I went to bed terribly late last night so I slept all the way through F's leaving this morning. I woke up after he left, and then went back to sleep. I got up in time to watch news. Two days of news in a row. How nice!

I had a mostly quiet day around the apartment. I watched TV, played on my computer and also did a little bit of housekeeping.

I left for the school on time and got there in one piece. The only thing was, my student didn't. She called just before her class to say that she was sick and couldn't come today. I hope she's okay. She's been travelling so may be a bit tired at the moment.

F came to get me when I called and he debated about where to go. I said that we really had to eat Monday's fish or we'd have to throw them out. He wasn't sure that we had enough for a meal in the apartment, but I was sure we did. And I was right!

Our dinner tonight was miso soup, grilled fish, French Fries, and veggies with coffee. It all turned out well and as F's back was really bad again today, I did the dishes.

We had a quiet evening watching last night's Ugly Betty and then tonight's ER. I enjoyed both shows for different reasons. F finally went to bed well after 1. I don't know why he's staying up so late. Fifteen or so minutes after he went to bed he got up and raced through to the kitchen. He pulled out the fish grill and stopped. "Oh, you washed it!" he said. Yep. I did. I am surprised that he would get out of bed to check! I think the reason is that HE never remembers to wash it when he does the dishes.

Anyway, that's about it for my evening. It was a fairly decent day. Tomorrow I don't have any classes so I might get my hair cut or I might go shopping in the big mall or...? Tune in tomorrow night and find out! Night.

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