September 18, 2021

Saturday - Rainy and cloudy

I went to bed a bit late last night, woke up quite early. The next time I woke up F was gone. I got up, dressed and then watched a bit of YouTube. F called to say he was finished at the doctor's and would come back soon. 

When he came back, we talked about going for lunch. He wanted one of his fish restaurants, which I was fine with. Then I suggested our favourite Arpeggio and F decided it was fine. We went out to the restaurant. I had the bacon-donburi and F had the gindara set meal. He got a huge piece of fish that looked nice. We enjoyed our meal, but F wasn’t feeling great at the end so we came back to the house.

At the house, he went to bed and I was on my computer for a while before taking a two-hour nap. When I got up a friend started texting me about a trip we’ve been planning for a while. Over the next few hours, we planned our meetup and booked our hotel. Woot! 

F woke up around 7:30 and I reminded him that we needed to get something to eat for his mother (and me!) We drove over to MaxValu and picked up a few things to eat. We got some things for F that he might be able to eat if he feels like it tomorrow. He’s really not feeling like eating food at the moment. When we came back to the house, F gave his mother her food and I heated up mine and took it upstairs to eat. I booked my hotel then and took a shower.

I watched a little TV and then a movie. After that, it was time for blogging. And, here we are!

So, I really am not sure what I’ll get up to on Sunday. F is still very under the weather. I hope the medicine that the doctor gave him will kick in soon. Sadly, a lot of this week has been me hanging around the house waiting to see how F is. I feel bad for him, but I’m going to have to get ready for my trip soon, whether he’s feeling well or not. 

Come back later if you like and hear all about my Sunday. Until tomorrow….

September 17, 2021

Friday - Cloudy and warm

I woke up at my usual time this morning, but went back to sleep for a couple more hours! When I did get up, I did a load of laundry and hung it up, and had breakfast too. 

I had tried to persuade F to go to the doctor but he wouldn’t go. He still isn’t feeling well. He spent a lot of time in bed today and didn’t really eat very much. I think he had some noodles before bed last night, not too much today either.

Around 2:30 I asked that we go somewhere so that I could have some lunch. We ended up at S-Mall so I went to Pizza Hut Express and had some pasta and a mini pizza with a drink. It was a reasonable set and I enjoyed it. When I finished it, I had an ice cream too! That was nice.

We went back to the house after I ate. F wasn’t up to any shopping. We spent a couple of hours at the house, then F went to get his mother a bento. While he did that, I got dressed. 

Tonight I wore a pair of grey leggings plus a dark grey dress. I took along the shawl that I made myself a couple of years ago again, I think it looked good. 

F got dressed and called us a taxi. We got to the restaurant right on time and were shown to our table. They had it set up with barriers between us, but when they realized that we were together, they took it down.

As we were first seated, we got a couple of visitors. The restaurant is part of a big company of restaurants and ceremony halls in Tsuruoka, specifically, the company that did our wedding. Two of the people that helped us with our wedding came to say hello and to thank us for visiting one of their restaurants for our special celebration. They comped us a small bottle of sparkling wine and wished us a good evening. It was lovely to see them, the woman, in particular, was very helpful with wedding things for me. 

We had a lovely meal, we had a lot of fish, some vegetables and finally a little bit of roast beef. Our sparkling wine was nice and when we finished it up, F had a beer and I had an umeshu. We had dessert, a very nice matcha pudding. I’m not a matcha fan, but this was good.  Then, the server brought out another tray. This one had two extra desserts on it for us! It was fruit and ice cream, and there was a congratulatory message around the plate too. It was so nice!

Some grilled fish, tempura, and soba.


Grilled Gindara with veggies

Tempura and deep-fried fish bones

Roast beef with rice, miso soup and pickles

Matcha pudding with roasted green tea

Our extra dessert-fruit and ice cream. Very nice!

We came back to the house by taxi and had a quiet evening in. F probably would have gone elsewhere if I’d wanted, but I’m too worried about him to want to add to his problems. 

It was a decent day. I did tell F in the morning that I found our anniversary rather underwhelming. I know he didn’t ask to be sick, but every time I suggest that he go to the doctor he comes up with a reason why he won’t. I think I’ll have to insist that he goes if he’s still feeling unwell tomorrow. 

There’s a new movie in the cinema, the reviews aren’t great, but it’s a new movie! It all depends if F is feeling any better. I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a good day and that we do get to go out and about a bit. It basically depends on how F feels. 

So that’s it. Come back later if you like and hear about Saturday. Until tomorrow…. 

September 16, 2021

Thursday - Warm and sunny

Well, today was supposed to be a great day. It was the second of our anniversary days and 20 years together doesn’t come along every day. It was supposed to be.

Last night before a very late bed, F started saying he was cold. He put on a blanket, I gave him mine as well. He put a quilt on himself too. It was 27 degrees in the room and I was sitting around in a tank top. He was also just feeling bad.

In the morning he went to the clinic and had a test. It was negative happily, but he’s been sick all day with one thing and another. All day.

I had breakfast here and then around 3 pm, we went out for sushi for a late lunch. Unfortunately, F couldn’t eat his and then I had to eat it. Luckily it was stuff that I liked too, but it was annoying. 

We came back to the house and relaxed again. I did stuff on my computer, F tried to rest. 

Later in the day, we went out to the drugstore and then the supermarket. I needed to get something for my dinner since F was in no state to go out for dinner. I know that he wasn’t trying to get sick and he didn’t want to, but it’s been such a depressing day. It hasn’t been a very good anniversary for us!

Around 9:30 I ate my bento which was okay, and then I took a shower around 11. I’m trying to be sage about the day, but it is really hard. I just wanted this anniversary to be special because it is quite a big number. And, it’s basically sucked. F will likely have to take tomorrow off work as he still isn’t feeling well. We’re not sure if the big dinner tomorrow night will go ahead or not. 

That’s it for me. Not sure what will happen tomorrow. I really should try and do some laundry. Oh, I haven’t had too many side effects today from my vaccination. I have a small bruise where I was injected, my arm ached a bit earlier in the day, but is pretty good now. It hasn’t been as bad as I was expecting, at least so far!

Come back later if you will and hear all about my day. If by chance we do go for dinner tomorrow night, I may not be able to update, so don’t miss me too much. Until tomorrow….

September 15, 2021

Wednesday - Hot and sunny

Today had an early start. I had to be at the doctor’s clinic at 8:30 so I dragged myself out of bed around 7:45 or so. I got dressed and then F and I left the house.

Things at the doctor’s office went fairly swimmingly and I was able to get my vaccination. I also got some medicine from the doctor in case I had pain or a fever later on in the day. We had to pick up the prescription and then we were free. 

We had breakfast at Gusto and it was quite nice. I enjoyed it and I think F did too. At breakfast, I noticed that my watch had stopped and wondered where I could get a replacement battery. Our usual place has sadly gone under and closed. F found a place on the net but when we went there it was closed on Wednesdays. We found another on Ginza-dori and got a new battery for my watch. I’m glad, but the woman that worked there wasn’t masked and I find that to be rather careless. F and I were masked so we’re probably okay, but still. 

F wanted to go to the beach but I pointed out that I didn’t bring a hat, parasol or my sandals with me. It was getting on for the hottest part of the day. He switched gears and suggested going to the Kamo Aquarium instead. Since I had been thinking of doing that too, I agreed. We drove out to the aquarium and went in. It was lovely and quiet for a change, but people still weren’t social distancing. Annoying. Usually, I love looking at the octopuses, but today they were sleeping. The coolest thing was watching a crab trying to get into a seashell to eat the creature inside. It was amazing the patience it had. 

After the aquarium, we ended up going to the Aeon Mall in Mikawa. We got tickets to see Free Guy again and then had our lunch. We both had bibinba and it was nice. Mine was really good as the bowl was very hot and made the rice nice and crisp.

Seeing Free Guy again was fun. I saw things in the film that I didn’t see the first time and I think I enjoyed it just as much. 

After the movie, we did a little shopping over in Aeon. We got some new socks and I looked at yarn but didn’t buy any. 

We came back to Tsuruoka and bought some groceries in a place we rarely go to. We bought bentos for all of us. I told F that I didn’t want to eat right away, I would like to take a nap and then I’d probably have my bento later.

When we got back to the house, I went upstairs and F gave his mother her bento. I spent a few minutes at my computer and then took a nap. I woke up about 3 hours later!

I did the garbage up for the room upstairs and then went downstairs and did the same down there. I threw out some of the food that K didn’t eat over the last couple of days and got the kitchen garbage sorted out. 

I heated up my bento and then came upstairs and watched Grey’s Anatomy while I ate. It’s been interesting watching how the staff are coping with the pandemic. I did take some of the medicine from the doctor as my shoulder was quite painful. It seemed to help. 

Later on, I watched some of the news from the day and then Hellboy came on so I watched that too. F went to bed but isn’t feeling well now. He was complaining about being cold and now his stomach is acting up, so he isn’t sleeping. I feel sorry for him. These are his days off too. I wanted him to enjoy himself. 

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to on Thursday as we haven’t made any plans but it is the second of our anniversaries so I hope we are able to spend it together and enjoyably. 

Come back later if you like and hear all about my day. Until tomorrow…

September 14, 2021

Tuesday - Warm and Sunny

I woke up early this morning, around 6 am. F and I played Toilet Tag for a minute or two and then we both went back to bed. I didn’t wake up when F left for work and woke up a little later than I wanted.

However, I woke up and then watched some of the news. I channel surfed and discovered that Primal Fear was on. I quite like the film, it has Edward Norton, Richard Gere and my birthday twin Laura Linney in it, so I watched and snoozed through it. 

I got moving finally and decided rather than having a whole breakfast and then eating again in an hour, I would just have half of a breakfast. My latest yogurt has an extra 50 grammes of yogurt in it, so I decided to make that my breakfast. I had it with a bit of cereal and it was just the right amount to have.

I watched Elementary and checked out the internet, then I grabbed my lunch. It was quite small today so no big deal. I ate lunch and watched the early in the morning news. After 1 I started to get ready for my classes. I set up the table and my computer, I moved the books over, I brushed my teeth, I did all the kinds of things that one should to get ready for work. For a couple of hours, I was busy teaching. Yay me.

After my class, I did up my paperwork and checked that I have enough stuff prepared for next week too. I do. 

F called me around 5:30 and said he was on his way back. I reminded him that we needed kerosene and he should take some fruit to his sister’s house. He called me back a few minutes later and he said that he had bought some asparagus from a coworker today. Yum.  

I went down to the kitchen and got started on dinner. It took a while, mostly because I didn’t want to cook too much until F was back at the house, and he didn’t get back until nearly 7pm. Today we had cucumber salad/pickle, sautéed mushrooms, salad, sautéed pork, and stir-fried asparagus. Everything turned out quite well and F and K also had some rice with their meal. 

I did the dishes which sadly took forever tonight as there were a lot of dishes that needed doing. Still, they got done. When F asked if I wanted to go out tonight I told him I did. I suggested going for a coffee since we haven’t done that in a while at night. 

We went to Komeda Coffee and had the dessert set. F had his with decaf coffee and I had mine with tea. I normally have decaf coffee, but wanted to be different for a change!

We came back to the house and K was up again. She had lights on in the living room. F spent some time with her but didn’t say what was going on. 

I watched tonight’s Shameless. It must be very close to the end of the series as people are starting to move. It was a good episode, however. I also gave F the tiny present I gave him. I got it at Daiso, so it wasn’t an expensive one. I think he was surprised as he hadn’t got me anything. Then again, I did look at more expensive things for him but didn’t buy them as we were still half-fighting on Saturday. 

And that brings me back to where I am now. It’s late and I have to be up early tomorrow to get my second vaccination. I will be quite happy to get this shot. I hope my side effects won’t be too bad, fingers crossed. It’s a bit sad having my shot in between our anniversaries, but that is how the timing worked out.

Today was the day that F and I actually did the paperwork at City Hall twenty years ago, so it’s our anniversary! Wahoo!

I’ll hopefully write tomorrow and fill you in on the details, but if I’m having major side effects, I might just go to bed. Don’t wait up for me! Until tomorrow….

September 13, 2021

Monday - Warm and sunny

Today was an odd day! It was good, but started and ended with unplanned things!

I got up when my alarm rang, or a few minutes later. I was tired as I had gone to bed later than usual last night. I came back to the room to do my habitual news watching. I watched until it finished and then tried to watch the earlier news that I had recorded. After the BBC news finished, they put on German news or something so I fast forwarded the DVR. Unfortunately, I fell asleep again around then and woke up when the DVR reset itself and baseball blared out of the TV. I napped a bit longer and turned off my alarms when they rang. I was quite asleep when I started hearing voices. It seems that I somehow managed to start a video chat with a friend in Canada! I hadn’t talked to her in ages, and she had guests so it was more of a “Hi, Bye, and sorry to have interrupted you!” kind of thing. I had to wake up properly then!

I dressed and went downstairs to grab breakfast. I got my food and then came back upstairs to eat. I basically had a quiet day. I watched The Running Man in the morning, had lunch in the afternoon and watched my weekend kid’s programmes that I record. I watched the news and did some of my online stuff. I also had a quick review of my classes for tomorrow. I hope they got well. 

I went down to begin dinner when F called. Tonight I did garlic shrimp with some cucumber pickle stuff, salad, and some spinach. That was from the store, frozen, I just had to microwave it!  F and K had rice with theirs, I skipped that.

After dinner I did the dishes. It wasn’t a very complicated dinner, so it wasn’t too bad. I made up some more tea for tomorrow’s dinner and then listened to a couple of podcasts, so the time went by easily. 

I went upstairs after I finished and relaxed a bit. I wrote some email and caught up on Facebook. A little after 10 I went downstairs to take a shower. I undressed, got in the shower and…there was no hot water! Yikes. I tried to phone F but he didn’t hear the phone, so I went upstairs in my robe and asked him if he’d put kerosene in the water heater’s tank lately. He hadn’t. Unfortunately we didn’t have very much kerosene on hand, but there was enough so that I could take my shower. Yay! No cold showers for me.

I came upstairs and watched The Good Wife and did a few rows of crochet during it. It was odd to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in it as a probably good guy! I’m so used to seeing him as the bad guy Neegan on The Walking Dead that it gives me shivers!

So that’s it for my day. Tomorrow I hope to have two good classes and I have to cook dinner. And…it’s our twentieth anniversary! We have two days we celebrate, tomorrow is the first. 

Come back later if you like and hear all about my day. Until tomorrow….

September 12, 2021

 Sunday - Hot and Sunny, gorgeous day

I went to bed quite late last night and so getting up this morning was quite difficult. F tried to wake me up before my alarm, but I’m afraid I wasn’t having any of it! When my alarm did go off, I got up and got dressed. We left the house somewhere around 10:30 and first off went to F’s sister’s house. We dropped off some veggies from his aunt and then went off to Yuza.  We drove past the place that sells nashi and went to a cafe that a friend had told me about. 

The cafe was lovely. It was in an old house. We had to pay first and then were able to choose a couple of O-Yaki. As we had the lunch special, we had a great salad, the O-Yaki and a drink.  We sat on the engawa, which is rather like a porch or veranda, under a tarp so we were out of the sun. There was a lovely breeze so it was cool. The food was great and we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves and our lunch.

I had hoji-cha, salad and a curry and an old chicken O-Yaki. (Old Chicken just means that it wasn't 
tender chicken, it was a little tough.)

After we finished lunch, we went to the nashi farm that we had passed earlier. Sadly, they had sold out (and it was barely 2 pm.) Fortunately, we drove a little further down the road and another place had some on sale.

After a quick stop in a drugstore, we drove to Asahi Village. Just to let you know, Asahi is in the complete opposite direction to Yuza! We drove there as F wanted to check out some places he needs to drive to for work. We found this very cool clock tower in one place. Sadly, the clock wasn't working, but maybe we were just there at the wrong time!

We ended up at a temple, Dainichibou Ryusui-Ji. We went in, I thought we’d just do a quick tour of the temple and F would ask if anyone knew where his place was. Well, that’s not what happened!  It was a beautiful temple. We were invited to sit down and a that a priest would be with us soon. He came and prayed over us for 10 minutes or so. He shook some kind of duster on a stick over us and then we were allowed to sit on stools and the priest talked at us for a few minutes.  Then, another priest took over and took us to another room.

In the other room, there was a mummy. Yamagata-ken has quite a few mummies: priests that have chosen to become living buddhas to help other people reach Nirvana. That priest allowed us to sit on stools but spent about 20 minutes or more talking at us again. My butt was getting really sore from the stool and I was more than a little bored! F bought a couple of things from the priest, one of which was an omamori which he gave to me. I didn’t want it! I found out later that inside the omamori there is a piece from the mummy’s clothing. Apparently, they change his clothing every 6 years and the piece of clothing is going to protect me. I just hope Customs doesn’t ask me what it is!

We took a few pictures outside the temple and then went back to the car. I was really glad to get off the stools! 

A fountain, normally for hand washing and mouth rinsing, but not these days.

The view looking down at the Temple Gate.

The view from the temple gate looking up at the temple.

Looking up at the roof of the gate. It was thatched and I believe it was made without nails, at least, I couldn't see any.

We stopped at a road stop after a while. We had an ice cream cone each which was very delicious. We walked over behind the buildings to see the waterfall and just to stretch our legs. It was gorgeous there and we were mostly by ourselves!

We came back to Tsuruoka and bought a bento and some groceries for the next couple of days. The bento was for K’s dinner. F suggested going for yakiniku buffet. I was okay with it, but it is expensive and the place isn’t always that good. It is also really easy for the two of us to overeat there. F’s tolerance for meat isn’t that great so not a good idea. 

We bought our groceries and then came back to the house. We gave K her bento, I put the groceries away and put some stuff away upstairs. Then F and I had a little chat about where to go for dinner. He decided not to have yakiniku buffet, but to go to a place near the station and Foodever. I said it was a good idea, if the yakiniku restaurant was busy or full, we could just go to Foodever.

The restaurant wasn’t terribly busy so we were able to get a seat. We had a set plate of meat and added some veggies to grill and a kimchi assortment plate, plus some oolong tea for both of us. Our final bill came to a little less than the cost of the buffet for both of us and was really good quality, so we did well I think.

We kind of wanted dessert afterwards, but didn’t want to stay where we were. I suggested going to McDonald's as we could hit up the grocery store afterwards. Yes, we already bought groceries, but we forgot to get milk! I remembered it after we went through the checkout at the other store.

We went to McDonald's and I was hoping to have a flurry but they didn’t have ice cream tonight. Boo! I had their Tsukino pie, it has anko and mochi in it, so I wasn’t a huge fan. It was okay, but not great. F and I sat there for a bit and then left. We couldn’t get the wifi to work.

We picked up some milk and some rice and a few other things at the grocery store and then came back to the house. We had a quiet but companionable evening. 

This is going to be a busy week. I have class on Tuesday, I’m getting my second vaccination on Wednesday morning and F and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary this week too. We’ll probably go out for dinner on Friday (unless he really did cancel our reservation) and I’m not planning to cook on either Wednesday or Thursday. I’m not sure what kind of reaction I’ll have to my shot. Some of my friends have had not great ones. 

Anyway, that’s it for today. Come back later if you like and hear about my Monday. Until tomorrow….