August 10, 2020

Monday - Hot and Sunny

We both got up around 9 am today. F had to go to work, so he got up and dressed. I got up and dressed a little later.

I had a quiet but nice day by myself. I didn’t see K at all. She spent a lot of the day sleeping. I had the windows open up here for hours, but turned on the air conditioner when the temperature reached 32 degrees. I even took a picture of the thermometer in case there was an incident like last week. 

I knew that F would be back around four, so I started to work on his mask. I was nearly done, so I sewed the elastic together after I threaded it through the mask. I even attached some rubber stoppers so that the elastic is adjustable. I followed it up with a good pressing. Done. Now it is up to F to deal with!

F called me and I missed it so I had to call him back. He was finished work. He came back to the house, changed and then the two of us went out for a drink.

We went to Komeda Coffee and had kakigori. They were fabulous, but it was a really stupid thing to do as we were planning to go and have dinner quite soon. After an hour in the store, we went back to the house.
Mixed Berry Kakigori with Soft Ice Cream Courtesy of Komeda Coffee.

F kept asking me if I was ready to go out and the answer was no. I’d mentioned Hayashi chuuka earlier to him so he had a bee in his bonnet about having it out somewhere. I didn’t want it anymore but would have had it, I just wasn’t hungry. Around 7 pm he asked me again and I told him truthfully that I wasn’t hungry. I suggested that he take his mother out and I’d stay here. He left the room after a bit.

I went downstairs to use the washroom a little later and he was in the kitchen making it his noodle dish. I wished him well but requested that he not make any for me. I’m afraid that I don’t like the sauce that F uses. He uses it for nabes too and I hate his nabe sauce. 

I came back upstairs again. I honestly wasn’t hungry until about 8:30. When F came back upstairs after his dinner I waited a bit and went downstairs to get mine. No idea what to have. I ended up with a frozen naan, heated up and then made into a tuna and cheese pizza with olives! It was really good. I brought it upstairs to eat.

A while after I’d eaten F asked if I was still hungry. I wasn’t. He then asked if I was ready to go out. I wasn’t. By this time I was in my tank top and a pair of shorts…not going out clothing. I had planned to buy groceries tonight but thought that he didn’t want to go out. Also, I was going to watch The Bachelor so wanted to relax and see what it was like.

Well, after the first hour of the broadcast, I turned it off. Bleck. Not my kind of show at all. It takes the whole thing much too seriously and I can’t help wondering if people really buy into that kind of thing. I don’t!

So that’s about it for me. I did tell F that I’d probably ask to go for groceries after dinner tomorrow. The dinner that I haven’t been shopping for and have no idea what on earth I’m going to make. That should be fun!

Come back later if you like and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

August 9, 2020

Sunday - Rainy and not too hot

I woke up this morning, but it was hard to do! I got up finally, got dressed and then F and I started talking about lunch. He didn’t like my ideas (Indian or a family restaurant) so countered with sushi. I said okay, but picked the place that doesn’t just have sushi!  

We went to Kula Sushi and after a bit were seated. I basically didn’t have sushi in the traditional sense. I had some onion rings, fries, some tempura, some meat on rice…I only had one “sushi” and that was salmon. F doesn’t think it qualifies as sushi! We won a magnet today! Woot.  

After lunch, we did a little bit of shopping. After sushi, I had asked to go to the craft store, but on the way, we saw the brand new Yamaya. I asked that we go in and check it out. It was nice. Of course, we ended up buying a few things and when we paid, F got a free gift of a beer and what turned out to be a beer shaped piggy bank! 

We did stop into the craft shop next. I got myself some stoppers for elastic on masks and also a new hat! It’s good for 90% stoppage of the sun and that’s quite good. I haven’t been going out much in the sun this year…I would like to go out a bit more. 

We came back to the house as F wasn’t feeling great and relaxed for a while. Around 6 pm I started pestering F about dinner. I wasn’t hungry really, but his mother probably would be. She was in bed already mind you. 

We decided to do bentos from Hotto Motto. F booked them online and we picked them up. Instead of giving them to me to hold in the car, he hung them from the interior hook. Every time he cornered the car the food swung wildly. I was afraid my curry would leak everywhere, but it didn’t. 

At the house again, we put out the food. I got the drinks together and we had a fairly nice meal. My curry was okay. It had an odd grittiness to it that I didn’t like. I had mine with chicken which was nice. 

F and I did the dishes and cleared the table.  We relaxed for a little and then went out again. I wanted to get a few things for tomorrow’s lunch and I wanted to make sure that K had something. With me not cooking there aren’t leftovers, not that she eats them anyway. Still, I want her to be able to eat if she needs to.

We grabbed a bit of food then came back to the house. I suggested that F set up his new hard disk recorder for his computer so he did that. It was a bit of him reading the instructions and a bit of letting the computer do what it needed to do. 

After that, showers were taken. F went to bed but I don’t think he’s sleeping. Despite it being a holiday tomorrow, he does have to work for a few hours. I’m glad that he had Friday off this week. It means he got a bit of a long weekend.

I have a few catch-up things planned for tomorrow but I have no idea if I’ll get to do any of them. The weather is horrible these days and it is almost Obon. 

Come back later if you like and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

August 8, 2020

Saturday - Rainy and cooler (yay!)

I woke up this morning around 10:00 am. I really didn’t want to get up, but I did! I went downstairs, grabbed some breakfast and brought it upstairs to eat. 

F and I got dressed and headed out around 11:15. We went to the doctor’s office. The parking lots were crazy busy and we had to park across the street. Things were fine, except for the long wait we had. I did get stuck into a book for the first time in ages so that was good.

We both got a bit wet after leaving the doctor’s but not too bad. We went to Foodever today for lunch and went to the meat place as usual. I had pasta which was cabbage and anchovies in an oil base, F had a bibinba. It wasn’t a hot stone bowl one. I’ve had it before, I liked it. 

We did some shopping in the afternoon. We went to the hardware shop and got some pop for K, I looked for some other stuff but had no luck, F found a new and smaller board to put in the sink to raise up our dishpan. The sink is so low that it kills my back, it must be awful for F when he does the dishes. 

We went to an electric shop today and got F a hard disk drive and us some DVDs to record on. I was really thirsty by this time, so F took me to another hardware shop. When we parked I commented on how thirsty I was. He grabbed a bottle of water he had in the car, drank from it and then offered me a sip. Er…no, thanks. In this new hardware shop, we wandered around a bit. F got himself some stuff and I found a big plastic tool case that I’m going to use for my sewing stuff. I have it in bags and a big box and it isn’t convenient at the moment!

Finally, we went to S-Mall and had a drink at the coffee shop. I had iced rooibos tea, F had an iced coffee. It was nice to sit and relax for a while. Over our drinks, we discussed dinner. I suggested going out tonight as Obon is almost here and places might be busier then. I also didn’t want to cook tonight and I’m getting really tired of bad bentos!

F and I went back to the house. We unpacked the car and then invited K out for dinner. We went to the little restaurant in Kushibiki. It was very quiet tonight so I think it was a good call to go out tonight. We had different dishes, K had fried rice, F had his yakisoba with starchy sauce and five ingredients and I had spicy tofu and meat sauce on rice. It was nice. We all shared an order of fried chicken too. K however was double-dipping in the ketchup and salt, so neither F nor I were impressed!

We came back to the house and relaxed a bit upstairs. F went to bed earlier. I watched a little TV, FBI and then The Addams Family. I loved Raul Julia. He was lovely in this film.  I wrote a short play with him in mind for the hero in uni!

And that was my day. The weather was bad, but it was so nice to have the cooler temperature. I think the bad weather will continue on Sunday but I have no idea what is going to happen.  Come on back and see!  Until tomorrow….

PS…obviously, I didn’t get a new phone today!  No worries. My phone is hanging in there!

August 7, 2020

Friday - Hot and muggy, cooler and rainy in the later part of the day.

I had set my alarms to wake me up early this morning but I turned them all off. I was so tired! It must have been the mojito…or the later bedtime?

I finally got myself up around 11 am. F had taken his mother out to the doctor so I had the house to myself. I just relaxed. I needed it! 

When F got back a little after 1 pm, I suggested going to his favourite fish place. We tried, but their lunch was over by the time we got across the city. We went to another Japanese place and it was nice. We were the only customers for a few minutes before other people came in.

We went back to the house to pick up F’s cell phone before heading over to Komeda coffee for some dessert and coffee. We were there for more than an hour just relaxing basically. F wasn’t feeling well, so wanted to go back to the house with some food from the grocery store. 

We went to the grocery place, bought a few things. I was a tad miffed, I really didn’t want more rice tonight, so I just bought some chicken for myself. We came back to the house and as usual, F disappeared. I had to get the food on the table so I did that. I added in a bunch of leftover food from other meals because I didn’t want to waste it. 

We had an okay meal. I wasn’t terribly happy with the chicken I bought. It wasn’t good. F and K had some kind of onigiri and sushi thing. Too much rice for me. Later tonight I realized I could have made myself some couscous, that would have been nice to have.

F did wash the dishes, I dried them. We came upstairs and I asked if we’d go out later. F didn’t really want to. I then suggested maybe going out later to a convenience store and picking up some ice cream or drinks and F was okay with that. I had been watching my recording of the news and it was nearly over when F asked if I’d go out with him then. I begged for the couple more minutes I’d need to watch the rest of it and then we went out. 

We went to the drugstore first and picked up some eyewash for F, and snacks for us. They have good prices at the drugstore.  We then hit up 7-11 for some ice cream and came back to the house. We ate our ice cream and relaxed more.

I took a shower just after midnight and then F did even later!  We’re just chilling out and should really get to bed soon. It is so late. 

Tomorrow we have doctor’s appointments and then a few errands planned for the afternoon. There was some talk of getting me a new phone since the battery in mine gets really low, really fast now. Lest you think I’m a terrible person, just know that mine is an iPhone 5s…and they are on what, iPhone 10 or 11 now. I don’t think I’ll actually end up getting one, just have a feeling! 

Come back later if you like and find out all about my Saturday. Until tomorrow….

August 6, 2020

Thursday - Scorcher, but a bit muggy

I had a really hard time waking up this morning. F had left the AC on all night so I felt a bit drained. He hadn’t turned it off when he left, so I did.  I watched the news and got up a bit earlier than usual. I got ready and then my friend arrived right around the time she said she would. Woot. I gave her some stuff, she gave me some stuff, which I dropped off back in the house, and then we went off.

We had lunch at the buffet restaurant. It was nearly empty. They’ve done quite a lot to lower the risk of catching the virus. They have screens between each table and don’t have much food on the table for us to have. There was still the drink bar, plus the salad bar and desserts. I did miss some of the other stuff, but not enough to really worry about it. I had some cold Genovese pasta, my friend had carbonara and we shared a Genovese and nama ham pizza. That was a treat! We made good use of the salad bar and the drinks corner and later on had some decent desserts. 

We left and felt quite satisfied.

We drove to Mikawa and went to see Nitori, the furnishing store. My friend recently bought a house and she’s looking for ideas for curtains, blinds, carpets and beds. It’s really fun to look at all of the stuff. She talked to a couple of staff about different items. When we spoke to the guy about the beds he made us try them out! I was quite surprised since Japan usually makes you take off your shoes when you try things like beds or chairs with feet places, but he was okay with us putting our feet up. We both liked the cheapest version of the bed!

She wasn’t buying anything today, so we popped over to the mall and went to Doutors for a drink.  We sat and relaxed and chatted a bit more before she had to head back to her busy life.

I had some fun by myself. I checked out the craft corner and got more elastic for masks and also found some stoppers for elastic so the elastic can be adjustable. F was quite determined that the fit I tried for him was too short. 

I went over to the women’s department and looked at clothing. I tried on three things. I really loved a pair of culottes made out of light denim, but the waistband was just a touch too tight. It was a little hard to get them on and off. Once on they were fine, but not sure they were a good idea for me.

I went over to Seria, the hundred yen shop and was having a snoop through it when F called. He was on his way. I told him I’d meet him near the food court and did so. Actually, no, I went out to the car. I saw him arrive…our car’s colour stands out…and we had our reunion. We went to a takoyaki shop and had some takoyaki and a taiyaki each. 

We went upstairs quickly and looked at masks. We each ended up getting a package of the knitted masks. They aren’t super protective, but they aren’t difficult to wear in summer as it is so hot right now. 

We picked up a bento for K and some small things from the shop. We drove back to Tsuruoka. I’m afraid I kept falling asleep on the drive back!

F got his mother fed and settled in, then came upstairs to change. I changed too, into something more comfortable and cooler, then F called a taxi and we went out to an izakaya he likes. 

We had a very nice, if expensive meal at the restaurant/bar. I even had a drink tonight! I had a mojito. It was quite strong for me, but nice. We mostly ate yakitori and sashimi. F ordered a plate of sashimi, but he didn’t like it that much. I thought it was okay, but preferred the yakitori. We had a mixture of chicken, beef and pork. Yum.

F wanted to go back to the house around 8:30 so he called another taxi and we came back to the house. We had a quiet if hot night in. I watched the news from the late afternoon but nothing else. 

I went over to the bed later on for a quick nap but had a nice conversation with F instead. We’ve got the AC on again, but I’m not sure if we can leave it all night as F got too cold last night! I was fine. 

So anyway, this was my day. It turned out really well. Tomorrow, F is off work and I’m not completely sure if we’ll get up to anything interesting or not. Come back later and find out! Until tomorrow….

August 5, 2020

Wednesday - Hot and sunny. Did I mention hot?

A good day. I woke up this morning and watched the news. I did a load of laundry fairly early and was very glad that I had put away the dry stuff yesterday. It didn’t take long to hang up the wet clothes. I had breakfast and bumped into K a couple of times. I showed her F’s plate from dinner last night and suggested that she have that for lunch. (I think she did as the dishes were in the drainer tonight!)

F had booked the taxi for me at noon, so I was in the genkan at 11:50 waiting. It arrived promptly on time so I went out and locked the door. I yelled goodbye to K but don’t know if she heard me.

At the mall, I did a little bit of banking by machine. After that, I went to the hotel and decided to have lunch. I was going to have their cheaper special lunch but decided to have pasta instead. It was quite nice. I had salmon and mushroom cream spaghetti. It came with a tiny salad, a small dessert and a drink. I liked it, but didn’t love it!

After my meal, I went back into the mall and went window shopping. I didn’t want to buy stuff before I got my hair cut because I’d have to carry it around with me. I planned out a few things I’d get in the hundred yen shop, amongst other things. 

I lost a little track of time, so I didn’t end up leaving the mall until 3:20 and my appointment was at 3:30.  I went and had my usual fabulous haircut. It’s been about 9 months since I had it cut, so it really was quite long. I did manage to freak out my hairdresser though. I asked her to give me a rat tail! I don’t think she’d ever heard of it before!  I had pictures to show her and she managed so yay. I know, I haven’t had one since I left Canada, but I figure that this long hair was as good of a chance as any to try it out again. I can always cut it off again if I don’t like it. My sister is going to Lurve me! (She always hated it before!)

As always, I got that little boost of energy that getting a great cut brings so I went back to the mall and did the shopping I had planned to do. I went to the hundred yen shop, then walked around, then had some ice cream. That was nice, and deserved! F called when I was finishing that up and I told him I’d be in Doutor when he came to the mall. 

I had a glass of rooibos tea and checked out my Facebook. F showed up a bit later. I gave him my card to get his drink from and he did. He also put quite a bit of money on it! I appreciate it, but I’d rather he give the money to me.  

We had a nice drink and a reunion. Then, we bought bentos in the grocery store, plus a few little things then came back to the house. K was in bed already, but she got up and had dinner with us.

We had a decent little meal. I added on some tofu that was in the fridge and due to expire, so that was good too. F washed the dishes, not that there was a lot, but it was appreciated, I dried them and put them away. 

We came upstairs and F decided to try and get a massage for his back. He booked himself in and I think he took a quick shower before he left. 

While he was gone, I watched the news of the day and a bit of Killing Eve again. I decided to go downstairs and take my shower and do the kitchen garbage, so went down to do that. I finished up and was just closing the bathroom door when I heard the car come back. 

I said hello to F and he was bearing ice cream. Yay! I’d hinted a bit before he left. I took mine and put it in the freezer, then took my shower. I went upstairs again with my ice cream and had a quiet evening in. I watched Grey’s Anatomy and enjoyed that. 

F has gone to sleep and I’ll be going to sleep soon. He seems much happier tonight. 

Tomorrow I’m off early to meet up with a friend. We’ll have lunch I think and then check out some DIY shops as she’s got many projects in mind! I’m looking forward to seeing her. It feels like it has been ages.

So that’s about it for me. I need to get some sleep. It is so hot that I feel really tired. Come back later if you like and read all about what happens. Until tomorrow….

August 4, 2020

Tuesday - Hot and Sunny

I woke up this morning and was surprised that F had left the door to our room open. I really don’t like that. K has been known to come upstairs and wake me up. Why make it easy for her?

Anyway on with my day. I had a quiet morning and afternoon. I did a load of laundry and hung it up. I also took down my very dry load of laundry and folded it up and put it away. The reason is that I’ll just about have time tomorrow to do a wash and a hang-up, but not time to put away the already dry stuff. That’s my excuse anyway.

In the afternoon I watched The Dark Knight Rises. I liked it a lot. I haven’t seen it in ages. I quite liked Bale as Batman. I’m not sure who is my favourite Batman. Is this an important question to ponder? Maybe.

I also caved when the room temperature hit 33 and turned on the air conditioner. I would have turned it on earlier if I had noticed. I had my fan on me and it kept me a bit cooler so I didn’t notice.

I did some of F’s mask tonight and basically finished it. I cut some elastic to the suggested size but was worried it was too short. I put it aside for later. 

I went downstairs to start dinner. I was just getting started when F called to say he’d be an hour late as he was doing some driving. I said it was okay. I gave K a drink and passed on the message. 

I did a whole bunch of food prep, discovered a new recipe for eggplant and then waited for F to phone. He didn’t phone, he arrived. He was 15 minutes earlier than he said he’d be. We had a nice greeting then he went upstairs and I got things cooking. I steamed some carrots, I baked/roasted some eggplant and fried some chicken in the frypan. I phoned F to ask him to come down and cook the rice for his mother and himself. He asked for 5 more minutes…Sigh.

I decided to just start it myself. I put the rice in the microwave and started it. Finally, he came down. He started talking crap about the air conditioner in our room. He was saying that it was cooler outside. Yeah, and? He told me that it was only 31 today outside and I had the air conditioner set for 29. Well, it was 33 in the room and I knew that if I set the AC for something like 25 like he does, it would be so cold in there that I’d probably have heatstroke in the kitchen. Then he kept saying that it was colder outside now and that I’d had the heater on in the room. I definitely did not have the heater on. _I_ can tell the difference between hot and cold. Remember that I’m at the end of my dinner prep now, he came down late to  “help” me do the rice and all he’s done is get in my way and talk garbage. Next thing I know he’s storming off up the stairs again yelling about how he can’t eat. 

I got things on the table and then went up to see if he’d come down. He then had the absolute gall to blame me for his stomach condition. I left him to it. 

K and I had a lovely meal. She really enjoyed the carrots and even had thirds of them! The eggplant was nice and the chicken was okay too. I put a plate in the fridge for F but he didn’t eat it.

I went upstairs after I did all the dishes. F didn’t seem quite as angry and belligerent anymore. I asked him if he’d call a taxi for me tomorrow. I know that I could just catch the bus, but it’s going to be hot and I don’t want to be a sweaty mess when I get downtown.  He did.  

I gave him his mask. I suggested he wear it for a little to see if the elastic was okay but he didn’t want to do that. Then he complained that the elastic was too short. I tried a longer length, but it still wasn’t long enough. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to figure out the elastic length if he won’t wear the mask!

It’s been a quiet evening here. I took a shower and then watched Killing Eve. F took a shower later. He made himself noodles and didn’t have the lovely dinner I put in the fridge for him. 

Well, tomorrow I’m off to get my hair cut and have a good day, Thursday I’m off to meet a friend and have lunch with her. I have no intention of cooking over the next couple of days so I hope that F steps up. I wonder if I threw the same kind of tanty how he’d act. 

Looking over my blog’s history over the last few years, it is surprising how many arguments we end up having on the 4th. Three years ago it was the stair's railing and I wasn’t talked to for days. We still don’t have a railing on our stairs. Somehow, that is still not high on his priorities. Hmm. 

Anyway, that’s it for me. I’ll be out tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it. I’ve not been out of this house in 2 days, so I really need a break from it. 

Come back later if you like and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….