June 2, 2020

Tuesday - Sunny and hot

I overslept just a little this morning, but did get up and got dressed. It’s a good thing I did as K called me down soon after. I had received a couple of postcards today. Woot!

I had a quiet day around the house. I updated a couple of things on my computer today which took a couple of minutes. I watched a couple of movies too, Captain Marvel and Venom, so that was fun. 

Around 5 I went downstairs and got started on dinner. I had done some prep earlier in the day but got a lot of stuff done. Tonight I baked 4 potatoes in the microwave, I prepared eggplants and mushrooms for stir-frying and I cooked the meat I had marinated during the day. F called when I was just getting started and sounded nice.  I worked hard and got things done and nearly done.  When F came back he seemed really grumpy.  I knew he needed the stove and I worked as fast as I could to get it free for him, but he wasn’t happy. Granted I didn’t wash my dishes, but I got them out of his way. He also turned down all of my lovely side dishes.

K and I started to eat. I thought dinner was really nice. I enjoyed it a lot anyway. Soon enough I heard slurping from the kitchen. F was eating in the kitchen. I asked him to come and eat in the living room. He did, but I was basically done anyway, so I went back to the kitchen and started cleaning up. F had washed a couple of things for me which was very nice of him. 

I washed the rest of my dishes, put the dishes away, and the leftover food too, and then went upstairs. 

When F came upstairs afterwards I reminded him that I needed to go out. I also asked him if we could go for a kakigori. It had been so hot today upstairs that I really felt like having one. 

We went to Komeda Coffee and we each had a kakigori. F had a peach one, I had one of mixed berries. We both enjoyed them, but agreed mine was better!

After our treat, we went over to the grocery store and picked up a few things for dinner over the next couple of days. I’m going to do a “build your own donburi” thing tomorrow and F is going to cook fish on Thursday. I think I’ll just leave him to it. 

When we came back to the house I took a shower and started to relax, F went to bed fairly soon. 

And that was my day. It was okay, but not great.  I did make a little start on another mask, but I decided that I really should iron all of the fabric too as it needs to be ironed first. I’m trying a different pattern which is a bit more complicated. I hope it’ll be easy to put together!

Come back later if you like and see how Wednesday goes. Until tomorrow…. 

June 1, 2020

Monday - Hot and muggy

I woke up early this morning and needed to go downstairs. I was rather sad because I knew that I would oversleep, and I did. I dragged myself out of bed around 9…watched the news then and started my water pot working. 

I grabbed breakfast and while I was downstairs, the doorbell rang. I opened it and it was my sister in law. She dropped by with some food for K. That was very nice of her.  K also told me this morning that she’d eaten one of the big Costco muffins. I didn’t quite understand her and thought she wanted to share one, but I told her to go ahead! I was rather surprised as those muffins are huge and K is not!

I had a quiet afternoon. I watched Mimic this morning and afternoon. I broke it up a few times. It was an older horror movie from Guillermo del Toro. I had seen it before, but the really ironic thing is that I got mixed up about what movie it was. I thought it was The Relic, another monster horror movie that I liked a lot. Oh well. Still, it was a pleasant time waster.

I went downstairs around 5 and started on dinner. I was doing quite a lot of different things tonight for K and I. I decided not to make baked potatoes after all, so I made potato salad with one potato, I baked some buns, I roasted some chicken in the toaster oven and cooked the rest of the Brussel sprouts. I was busy. Of course, F came back to the house in the midst of me cooking and he wanted to cook his food at the same time. I was pretty damn annoyed with that. He kept getting in my way, and me in his. He had some of the sides that I made but told me I gave him too much. He also sulked that I didn’t want any miso soup. I don’t want any miso soup ever, so not sure why the attitude. He had two big pieces of fish that he grilled, but K and I had chicken, salad, Brussels sprouts, a freshly baked bun, beets and potato salad. I think we did rather well. And, there was homemade mugi-cha too. 

F washed most of the dishes afterwards, but not all. My big insistence was that he wash the fish grill. He used to “forget” that at our apartment and that was a gross treat to find a week later. He left when he was done so I washed the frypan and a few other things he didn’t do. I’m not complaining too much really, it was nice that he did most of the dishes.

In the evening, I went upstairs and watched a bit of YouTube. More of the silly celebs dating show. I keep hoping they’ll find someone they like a lot. After a while, F asked if I’d like some iced coffee and when I said I would, he went to make it. 

He brought us back a pot of coffee and first I had some hot decaf and then some iced. We also shared the last of the muffins so that was good too. There are three in the freezer, so we can have the rest later. We had a bit of a chat over our coffee and it was really pleasant. It was also cheaper than going to Starbucks!

And that’s about it. It’s been a quiet evening, but a nice one. When I took the dishes downstairs I washed them but didn’t dry them. I also prepped the plastic gomi to go out tomorrow. Yay me.

Tomorrow I might start another mask pattern since I just printed out the pattern pieces tonight. I might finish my shawl, I just don’t know. There are a couple of films on in the daytime, plus I recorded a couple tonight. I could be an entertained woman!

Come back later if you like and see what happens on Tuesday. Until tomorrow….

May 31, 2020

Sunday - Hot and Sunny

Today was an odd day if I’m honest. I woke up around 10 am, made a quick trip downstairs and then slept for another hour. I got up around 11. F snoozed on and off and as usual, spent time on his computer.

Around 12 he started talking about going for lunch. I suggested either going to get take out from a restaurant we like, or going there. Then he decided to take his mother there too. I suggested us going first and then bringing her some takeout, but he wanted to take her. It’s not that I didn’t want her to eat, I just wanted to keep her safe. She’s in her eighties after all. 

We all piled into the car and went to Arpeggio for lunch. K and I had the same, the soboro donburi which was very nice. F had oyoka-don, or chicken and egg on rice. After our meal, we came back to the house. F went back to his computer on the bed, I went to my computer and that’s how we spent the afternoon. 

Around 6:50, I suggested that we have food again. F asked where I wanted to eat and I said why didn’t he pick a place that wasn’t for noodles. He picked Udon-Ichi which of course is a total noodle place, but it is one that I like. K was invited but chose not to go for dinner. She said she wasn’t hungry. Okay then. 

We went and had a good meal, but they did something odd. They put us at different tables. We were in a section together, but they didn’t want us to share the same table. I said to F it was a bit odd as we do share the same bed! I know social distancing, but…. We had a dinner that was a bit too big. The set that I had asked for wasn’t available tonight, so I changed to F’s, but it wasn’t what I thought it was!  Rice twice in a day, yuck.

We followed up dinner with Frappuccinos at Starbucks. They were quite nice. I did a bit of reading on my phone there, F watched videos. We never talk anymore. I’ve asked him about that but he blames me and my computer. I never take my computer on holiday or to bed with me. I rarely am the first person to pull their phone out when we go places either. 

We picked up some groceries after our fraps. I guess I’m cooking for K and I, but F wants to have some of my side dishes? Not sure how that is going to work out when K is the human garburator. I’ll have to separate some food out before I put it on the table.

We came back to the house. I watched a little bit of the Prince Tribute but stopped it when I went to take a shower. There hasn’t been too much conversation with F. He’s trying to get some sleep as he has to go back to work on Monday. I hope he’ll have an okay week. He’s always tired and grumpy these days. He blames me, but I blame his computer and YouTube. 

Anyway, come back later if you feel like it and find out how exciting my first day of June is. Until tomorrow….

May 30, 2020

Saturday - Warm and Sunny

I woke up this morning when my alarm went off. It went off around 8 am this morning, so I was up fairly early for a Saturday. Poor F was up much earlier so he could go to work.

I watched the day’s news, deleted it, and then watched Downton Abbey, which was as great as always. I got up and dressed, then I took a small load of laundry downstairs and put it through the washing machine. I hung it up when it was done. I basically just washed the new cotton that I bought yesterday so I can start making masks when I like.

I had a quiet morning and was enjoying myself. A friend emailed and asked if I could do a video chat later in the afternoon, but I said that I could go now as F wasn’t due back until 2 or 3 pm. She said that would be okay and just then I heard the car pull into the yard! I felt really bad and I had to tell my friend that I couldn’t chat after all. 

F wanted to go out immediately to try and have lunch at his favourite fish shop. I was game to try, but I did gently try to ask him why he didn’t just call me from the office before he left so that I would have been ready to go when he arrived.  He didn’t really listen.

We went to the fish restaurant and it was good, but they didn’t have their weekly lunch special on today because it was the weekend. (I had suggested to F that they might not have it.  I love being right!) After the meal, we did a little bit of shopping.

We first hit up the grocery store and the bank machine, then S-Mall. In S-Mall, I looked for a new soap dispenser but didn’t find one. I got a couple of things at the hundred yen shop, then went downstairs and F and I had a drink at Doutors.  

We followed that up with some grocery shopping in the mall. We got things for dinner, and they were also selling Costco Muffins. We got a box of six chocolate chip muffins…they were huge. 

We came back to the house around 5 and just relaxed for a while. It was close to 7 when I suggested to F that we go downstairs and put dinner on the table.  We did that. We had a good meal. We had some chicken, some tofu, some bifun salad, beets, and some potato croquettes.  I washed a few strawberries for dinner that F’s aunt brought by yesterday too.  I suggested that he make some coffee and he did.  We ate, and then when it was dessert time, we heated up one of the muffins, cut it into three and put it on top of the strawberries. Or we tried to. K had eaten her berries already.  It was nice. F had thought I was crazy before dinner wanting to share one muffin three ways, but he agreed after he had his bit! I do know what I’m talking about!

After dinner, F and I did the dishes and then came upstairs. I watched a really weird British reality show about celebs wanting dates. Of course, I hadn’t really heard about any of the celebs but it was still fun. I didn’t finish the show as there were a lot of episodes, maybe someday! I did a bit of crochet tonight and may even be on my last row of my Spill Shawl!

So that was my day. It was much nicer than most of the days I’ve had lately. I don’t know what we’re going to get up to later. Come on back and find out! Until tomorrow….

May 29, 2020

Friday - Warm and Sunny

I woke up this morning around 8:30. I got up and turned on the TV and watched the news. It was nice. I did snooze afterwards, but F was in bed too. I did say hello to him, but I didn’t get an answer.

F had suggested going out for lunch today, so I got up around 10 and started to get dressed, and also to check my emails and such. He popped out to get his mother something to eat and I finished getting dressed. I don’t think he was sure that I would be dressed when he came back, but of course, I was. We drove over to Nagomi and had a lovely lunch there. We had soba, mini-keisendon with some tempura and miso soup. It was very good. I was stuffed afterwards.

After lunch, we talked a bit about what to do. I suggested going to see a movie and ran the different times past F. We noticed that there was a film playing in 40 minutes or so that we could make at Mikawa if we went right away.  We decided to do it.

We went in, got temperature checked, bought our tickets and then left again. We had about 20 minutes to wait and there was nowhere to sit and not much to do there. F wanted to go to the food court and he ended up buying himself some yakisoba and half an okonomiyaki. I didn’t understand it at all! We’d just eaten, and it was lovely and stuff that he’d asked for and then he needed total junk from the kiosk in the mall?

We went to see Bloodshot with Vin Diesel. It was pretty cool. It wasn’t a great movie, but for a leave your brain at the door and see some fighting and some cool effects movie it was okay. It was kind of a rip off of Universal Soldier to be honest. I still prefer Universal Soldier…in my younger days I was a huge Jean Claude Van Damme fan. Okay, I still kind of am but…I freely admit that Vin Diesel is a better actor than JCVD!

After the movie, we went over to Don Quixote and picked up a few things. F wanted to get a special lens to put on his iPhone but didn’t actually want to buy it. We got some snacks and things for the kitchen.

We went back to the house after this and relaxed for a bit. F was tired, he might have snoozed a little.

Around 5:30 I said that we really should think about dinner. He suggested bentos for all of us and I was okay with that. He ordered and then we left to pick them up. I asked that we detour a little to the Gyomu Super near the bento place. I was looking for a few things. I got some, but not all. I did pick up a few things that went into the freezer and in the fridge, so that was good. 

When we got back to the house, we all ate. The bentos were quite good. F and I both had bibinba, but I had mine with extra meat, and he had his with an egg. K got a makanuchi bento, which looked okay. For the first time in ages, I really liked my bento. Afterwards, F and I did the few dishes. 

We went upstairs and just relaxed. F was on the bed and I was at my computer for a while. I went over to the bed for a while and spent time with F before I took a nap! I woke up around 11 and went downstairs and took a shower.

When I came upstairs, F was getting ready to sleep and I watched a bit of TV. I’m up a bit late watching YouTube and blogging.  

It was a good day. Tomorrow F has to go into work for a few hours and then I’m not sure what will happen when he finishes. I hope he has a good day. I’ll be here at the house at least until he gets back.

Come back later if you are able and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

May 28, 2020

Thursday - Looked warmish, didn’t go out

This morning I woke up early to use the washroom, then came back and went back to sleep. Unfortunately, F had left the room before his alarm went off and forgot to turn it off. He came back in a couple of minutes later and did apologize. I really didn’t think he did it on purpose.

I had a quiet day today. I watched a movie early on called Madame and liked it, but didn’t love it. I watched some stuff off the DVR, including finally an episode of The Walking Dead. It was a good one today. I also finished my second mask this afternoon. I considered starting another one but will leave it for the weekend.
Both masks. Pattern from Sew Much More.  The plain purple one was made first, the floral one second. Both come from the same tenugui(cotton towel). The material is quite thin so I'm not sure if they are very effective, but they are fairly comfortable. 

I went downstairs near 6 pm to wash my dishes. I was half expecting to hear from F tonight as things were better last night. I didn’t. I wasn’t cooking tonight so I went back upstairs.

When F did come back, he tried to go to bed right away, but I reminded him that he was in charge of dinner for himself and his mother. He was quite rude about it, said he wouldn’t eat. I really didn’t care if he did or not, but he should cook for his mother.

He dragged himself downstairs and apparently did cook for the two of them. I wasn’t invited, which was fine.

When he came back upstairs, I went down and made my dinner. I remembered that I’d bought potatoes at Costco on the weekend, so I baked a couple of smallish ones in the microwave. I also made some tuna salad and combined the two. I put a bit of cheese on the potatoes too, once they were cooked. My dinner was amazing. No fuss, and really delicious. Best of all, I was alone to eat and read a bit!  K popped in to see why the kitchen light was on but wished me good night after I told her what I was eating. Oh, and I finished up the raspberries too. They were great.

F has been all over the place emotion wise tonight. One minute he’s friendly and nice, the next minute back to being a jerk. I tried to show him my new mask and he said it was good because it covered my face…I’m not sure how he meant that….

I did a bit of crochet tonight too while I watched some YouTube. 

So that’s about it for me for tonight. He has taken tomorrow off work and suggested a place for lunch so I’ll go out with him and probably his mother too. I’m hoping for a movie in the afternoon, but I’m not sure if he’s ready for that. Can’t spoil me after all.

Come back later if you like and hear about what goes on. Until tomorrow….

May 27, 2020

Wednesday - Cloudy and muggy

F woke me up this morning. I pretended that I was asleep and I thought I got away with it until he came back from the car when I was downstairs in the toilet!

I didn’t go back to sleep or anything. I knew if I did that I’d oversleep. I watched the news and then got dressed and on with my day.

I had an okay day today. I watched some of the TV I recorded on Tuesday night and worked on my mask again. I didn’t share the pasta with K today for lunch, there wasn’t all that much left.

I went downstairs around 5 pm to start dinner. I didn’t hear from F of course.  I decided to do another simple one for K and I but did cook some Brussels sprouts for us. We had frozen hamburg, salad, brussels sprouts and some gobo rice.  It was quite a nice dinner, to be honest! F came back while I was cooking and was rude to me and then went back upstairs. Nice.

After K and I ate, I took everything to the kitchen and then did all the dishes. It wasn’t too bad this time. I did listen to a couple of podcasts though.

After I finished I went upstairs and apologized to F about yesterday. I also asked if we could go out so I could pick up some more food. He didn’t want to at first, but after a while relented.

We went to the grocery store and I bought a few things. F bought more. I had suggested that we go out for sushi tomorrow and he tried to tell me that sushi was a luxury food, but he didn’t pronounce it correctly so I had no idea what he was trying to say!  That doesn’t happen often so it was confusing for both of us. Most of the time that we have sushi, it isn’t a luxury time at all!

The grocery store was quiet. I bought a few things for tomorrow’s lunch but not dinner. Sadly, I think F did buy things for tomorrow’s dinner. He is planning fish again. Sigh. If he cooks it, I don’t care.

Things gradually got more friendly over the evening. F kept bringing me snacks and that usually means that we’re talking! I worked a little more on my mask. I stopped when I got to the point that I should iron it. 

I did up the garbage downstairs and then took a shower. I didn’t have it too hot today.

I watched Grey’s Anatomy and when it was finished I turned off the TV. 

F has gone to sleep now and to be honest, I think I’ll go soon too. I had an earlier start today than usual. 

Come back later if you like and see how Thursday goes. Until tomorrow….