June 22, 2021

 Tuesday - Muggy but sunny, rainy at night

I woke up this morning when my alarm went off, got up, watched the news and then fell asleep for basically two hours. I was quite surprised at the whole thing if I’m honest. 

I got up and got breakfast, came upstairs to eat again.  I had a very quiet day. I watched a bit of About Time, which is a lovely time-travel film. I had to go down for lunch in the middle of it though.

I came back up to the room and finished the movie while eating lunch. I had a big lunch today, probably too big if I’m honest. After the movie, I put on an episode of The Walking Dead. Thankfully it wasn’t a continuation of the characters from last week. This one brought in a bunch of new characters and a new group of survivors. It was a good episode really. 

I watched the news and then after a bit, went downstairs got started on dinner. I did quite a bit of prep tonight. I made a cucumber pickle dish, peeled and prepared some potatoes, and sautéed some mushrooms.  The entree tonight was from the grocery store and basically, all I had to do was heat it up. F didn’t get back tonight until almost 7 pm so I couldn’t get cooking until he was here. It took a while, but I think I got dinner on the table just after 7:30. It was pretty good, but I am a tad biased. K ate more than I did of the main dish, so I think she liked it. F didn’t eat that much, unfortunately. 

I did the dishes which took a while. I also listened to my podcasts so at least my time passed fairly quickly.

I got F to take me out to buy groceries tonight. We went over to MaxValu and got a few things for the next couple of days. I got some shrimp and broccoli for Thursday and chicken for tomorrow. I hope things go well. 

We came back to the house and put away the groceries. I took a shower and left the hot water on for F. I came upstairs and watched the FBI show I watch and then checked my scheduled shows and turned off the TV. F decided not to take a shower tonight, so a bit later I turned off the hot water. 

I didn’t write about it earlier today, but I heard from the company I sub for sometimes and it looks like I’ll have a part-time job from July. I’m quite looking forward to it. It’s just a couple of classes a week, but really that’s perfect for me. 

So that’s it for me. Come back later if you like and hear all about my day. Until tomorrow….

June 21, 2021

Monday - Muggy and then sunny

I woke up this morning before my alarm. That surprised me. F had already left for work. I went downstairs and then came back and watched the news. I did take a bit of a nap afterwards but not a long one.  I grabbed breakfast and then went upstairs to eat it.  After I finished, I joined a Zoom Meeting put on by my women’s group. I didn’t say very much because they brought up things that I didn’t really know anything about. The meeting broke up around 1pm.

I had some tea and after a bit went downstairs and grabbed some lunch. K wasn’t around so I left some of the pasta from Friday for her. She didn’t eat it. 

In the afternoon I ate my lunch and watched a movie I’d recorded earlier in the week. I didn’t like it. It was supposed to be about young possible X-Men, but the film was a mess. The acting was okay, but the story wasn’t there yet.

I watched the news and when F called to say he was on his way, I went downstairs to get a start on dinner. Tonight I made chicken tacos. Last night I drained some yogurt for fake sour cream, then today I cooked some chicken, made some cucumber pickle, some cabbage pickle and some salad.  Dinner turned out well, I thought. I think it was the first time that K actually had tortillas as tacos. She did okay basically. 

I did the dishes and it took a while. I was tired. I listened to podcasts of the news and the British movie reviews.  I enjoyed it a lot. When I came upstairs, F was already in bed with the lights off. It was barely 9 pm. I am seriously getting annoyed by this. I know that F is tired but he eats the damn food. Why can’t he stick around and help me? Tonight, he brought his computer down to the table. What the heck? He didn’t even want to have a bare minimum of conversation?  He was willing to risk having food or drink spill into his computer? 

I’ve spent the evening alone again. I watched some YouTube and then caught The Good Wife on WOWOW. It was a good episode tonight, but they usually are. 

I might do some laundry tomorrow or I might find something else that needs my attention. I’m also on dinner duty again, so come on back and find out what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

June 20, 2021

 Sunday - Rainy and cloudy, cooler

I got up this morning around 11am. F had a quiet morning too. He made his mother something to eat and then came upstairs. He kept complaining that he’d eaten too much. I hadn’t eaten of course, so I was a tad upset, but really didn’t mind.  We both just had a relaxing early afternoon. We hardly ever do this, just hang out and veg, so it was a nice change.

Finally, around 3 pm I suggested that we go over to Cocos. F could get some appetizers instead of a full meal and I could have a meal there. He was okay with that, so we drove over to the restaurant and had a meal.  I had cajun pasta with dried tomatoes and chicken, plus a salad and drink bar. F had a dessert and we shared an order of fries because Cocos has the best fries! The food was pretty good and we had a fairly good time there.

After our meal, we went shopping for me. I wanted to get a new pair of trousers for work next month. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a pair that fits, so we went to a shop that sells large sizes. I did get a pair there. They were on sale so that was good. I’m having them hemmed so I won’t have them until next weekend. But, yay.

We decided to get K a bento for her dinner, so we went to the grocery store. I bought groceries for the next couple of days. I really hope things are okay for my family! We’re going to have a Mexican chicken thing tomorrow and on Tuesday I think it’ll be the boneless ribs that we bought at the store tonight.

We came back to the house and F gave his mother the bentos. We went upstairs and relaxed a bit more.  I told F that I wasn’t very hungry so he should decide when to go out for dinner and that he could pick the place. He suggested sushi around 9 pm so we went to Kappa Sushi for a change. It was quite nice, and a pretty good choice. For a change, F didn’t complain about the fish too much. I had some chicken on rice things and enjoyed them. They also do the thing where you can order only one piece of sushi, so you can mix and match. I had a couple of pieces of different salmon dishes. F doesn’t like salmon sushi, so it was nice for me.

After we finished eating we came back to the house and I set up some yogurt to drain for tomorrow’s dinner. I came upstairs and relaxed for a bit before taking my shower. I came back upstairs and watched Project Runway before turning the TV off again.

And that’s about it for me. I’ve been blogging and catching up on things on my computer. It was a good day. I wouldn’t want to have this laid-back of a day every weekend, but once in a while, it is nice!

Come back later if you like and hear all about my Monday. What do I get up to? Until tomorrow….

June 19, 2021

Saturday - Rainy and cloudy

I woke up this morning when my alarm went off. I pulled myself out of bed and after a bit turned on my computer and caught up with the world. F was downstairs giving his mother breakfast. I helped myself to some cereal and when F came back upstairs suggested that he get dressed. He was a bit of a grumpy bear and mentioned that I wasn’t dressed yet either.  True enough, but I had my clothes planned out and they were in a pile that I just had to grab and put on. I did so and it didn’t take much time at all.

We left the house just after 11 am but F needed to go to the bank first. He did so and then we went to my dentist’s office. We didn’t have to wait too long and we were shown into one of the rooms. I was prodded and checked and she had a discussion with F about my future but I didn’t get my fluoride treatment today. She wants me to come back in September. I’m a little ticked off since I thought it would be today. We were out of the office very quickly and happily, it didn’t cost much, but it was a tad annoying. I am glad that I didn’t pay for a taxi to get there as the taxi would have cost more money!

F and I had lunch in Naa, the farmer’s restaurant. We both had the 2 entree lunch which was pretty good. I had grilled cod with mine while F had hata-hata. Our meat dish was the same, pork shabu-shabu. As always, the things I like there the most were the veggie side dishes. 

We drove back to Tsuruoka and were going to go to Doutor in the mall but F missed the turn. We ended up going to the Starbucks complex. We visited a bookstore first and then went into Starbucks. I was going to get a decaf latte, but then I saw a new drink, a chocolate tea cake Frappuccino, so I had that instead. So did F! It was good, but I’m not sure if I’d bother again. 

We came back to the house for a while. I took a nap as I couldn’t keep my eyes open but got up around 6 pm. F got his mother a bento for her dinner, but we went off to the Mikawa Mall.

We bought our movie tickets first and then had our dinner. F went to the Udon place and I went to the bibinba place. At my place, I could get a free drink if I showed my movie ticket, so that’s why we did it in that order. 

After a yummy dinner (well, mine was anyway!) we went into Jusco and did a bit of shopping. Or we tried to. I was looking for something to wear for work next month. I didn’t find very much. I even looked in the men’s department but there wasn’t anything that fit properly or that I liked. 

We walked back towards the cinema since time was winding down. F was in one of his moods where he had no idea what to do in the 20 minutes before the show, so I mentioned the Space Age massaging chairs along the way. For 300 yen we could get a massage for 12 minutes. We each grabbed a chair and actually had a good time doing it. It was rather relaxing.

F went to the washroom while I bought the drinks for the film. We went into the cinema, past the temperature check. F got to take the drinks to our seats and I went to the ‘loo. We went to see A Quiet Place Part 2 and it was great. It probably wasn’t as great as the first part because a lot of the surprise was gone, BUT I really liked the film a lot.

We drove back to Tsuruoka after the film, stopping in the 7-11 nearest the house. We got some treats and then came back to the house. We had a quiet evening. I watched a little bit of TV to clear off the DVR and then started blogging and watching YouTube videos. 

I’m now off to bed as it is early morning and the sun will be coming up if it hasn’t already.

Come back later if you will and hear all about my day. Until tomorrow….

June 18, 2021

Friday - Sunny and very warm, muggy

My day got off to an odd start.  I heard my mother-in-law calling me. I thought I had overslept and there was some mail for me. I yelled, “Hai!”, sat up in bed and then yelled,”Chotto matte.” F sleepily asked me if I heard something. I told him I heard his mother yelling for me. I had just woken up and it was really bright in the room. I looked at the clock but I didn’t really see it if that makes sense. I went downstairs looking for K, but I didn’t see her. Her bedroom door was closed. I felt quite disoriented. F came down a couple of minutes later and asked me if I was okay. Apparently, I had dreamed the whole thing! It was 5:15 in the morning and then I went back to sleep. I don’t think I’ve ever done this before!

I ended up waking a little late, went downstairs and then came back and watched the end of the news. I watched the news I had recorded earlier on too. 

I had breakfast, watched a little bit of YouTube and then took a nap! I got up and then grabbed my lunch. I needed to eat early today because I was going to have a video chat with a friend of mine at 2:30. I had a nice lunch and I even prepared some of the leftovers from last night for K. I went upstairs and then ate, then after a couple of false starts, connected with my friend.

We had a great chat for a couple of hours. I really was glad to have contact with someone else for a while. I’ve been too much alone lately and starting to turn into a hermit again. 

When we rang off, I watched the news.  I watched the end and then started it again. F called around 5:30 to say that he was on his way and he didn’t have to work tomorrow. Yay for that. 

I went downstairs and started on dinner. I didn’t get far before F came back, but dinner wasn’t a hard one today. It’s Friday, so I made gnocchi for a bit of a change. I used a sauce from the grocery store on top of it, we had it with sliced duck breast, salad, a cucumber salad and leftovers from yesterday. Dinner was good and most of the food disappeared. I gave us all frozen treats afterwards. 

I did the dishes and did my usual listening to podcasts and books. I enjoyed myself a bit. It is nice to get everything clean and put away. (I’m not sure who just wrote that….)

I came upstairs, changed into something cooler and then watched an episode of Mythic Quest on Apple TV+, it was quite funny.

I took a shower and then came back upstairs. F was mostly asleep. He’s not sleeping well these days and it is so hot up here that I can’t blame him. 

And that was my day. Tomorrow I have a dental appointment in the morning and then we might go see a movie or something. There are two, count them, two movies in English nearby. I’d see either, but I’d prefer the scary one! 

Come back later if you like and hear all about my day. Until tomorrow….


June 17, 2021

Thursday - Sunny and so hot

I woke up this morning before my alarms went off. That was cool. I made a trip downstairs and then came back up and watched the news on the TV. I snoozed a bit when it was over, but rallied enough  to watch the early news I’d recorded. I kind of fell asleep on it too. 

I rallied a bit later and got up and did a load of laundry. I hung it up in the room and watched a bit of YouTube again. 

I had quite a quiet day today. I went downstairs to grab my lunch and gave K some of yesterday’s leftovers. She was happy, but I’m wondering if she’d eaten earlier. I came upstairs and ate my lunch. It was nice today. I had some of the leftovers too.

I got stuck into the seventh season of The Walking Dead, and it was terrible. Gruesome and two regular cast members were offed. The show is getting more and more dark. I’m not sure how much more I can watch. Sigh. 

I watched the news at 4 pm and then around 5:30 I got a call from F saying that he was still working and wouldn’t be done for a while. I told him it was okay. I went downstairs to start getting ready for dinner.

Tonight I did myself proud in my opinion.  We had a cucumber salad, an eggplant/mushroom/onion/zucchini stir-fry and some veggies and hummus. It got pretty good reviews and there are even leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Woot. 

I did the dishes of course and listened to the Canadian news and then a couple of chapters of The Secret Garden. It was lovely to listen to it, it felt relaxing after the rest of the day!

F and I went out to pick up some groceries tonight. I picked up some salads and another duck breast for tomorrow’s dinner. It’s already cooked, I just have to slice it. 

We came back to the house and I took a shower. I’ll probably have to take another one tomorrow night too. F told me about a problem today. He may have to work on Saturday. Unfortunately I have a dental appointment on Saturday morning and F is supposed to take me. I looked at bus routes and there isn’t anything that will take me close as many busses don’t run on Saturday. Boo! I may have to go by taxi. F did suggest that I ride my bike, but upon checking the weather, I discovered that it is supposed to rain that day. Stay tuned and find out what I do!

I watched an episode of Leonardo tonight. That’s another dark show where many people die. 

So, that’s it for me. Tomorrow I may chat with a friend and I’ll be cooking dinner again. I’ll likely watch an episode of The Walking Dead in the afternoon. Probably!

Come back later if you like and hear all about my day. Until tomorrow….

June 16, 2021

 Wednesday - Hot and Sunny

I woke up when my alarm went off this morning and made my trip downstairs. I came back up afterward and watched news. I managed to stay awake for the news, but when I put on the really early news I recorded, I watched a bit, but snoozed after that. Sigh. 

I got dressed and went downstairs. I made myself breakfast this morning, a proper one.  I had oatmeal that I made in the microwave. It was quite nice. It was nice to have a warm breakfast even though this was a hot day!

I watched a few videos on YouTube and then watched a bit of Legend on cable. It was terrible! Tom Cruise does not make a good Puck! I went downstairs to get my lunch later and so I missed the middle of the movie. Or, really, I didn’t miss it, I just didn’t watch it. 

After lunch I put on another episode of The Walking Dead. This was the last episode of season six. It was pretty awful actually. I will probably catch the next episode tomorrow,  I just hope I can watch it. 

F called me after he finished work and then I went downstairs and got a start on dinner. I was busy tonight. I put together a salad, then made an eggplant dish and put it in the fridge to cool. I scrubbed some potatoes and put them on to boil. Finally, as the potatoes were nearly ready, I started to cook the meat. Earlier in the day I had made a marinade for it, so it was very flavourful. 

I set the table and called F down. I asked him to get his mother up. She’d gone to bed around dinner time. Maybe she thought there wouldn’t be dinnertime? 

We ate and dinner was awesome. The potatoes were excellent, new potatoes with dill and garlic, the meat was nice, the eggplant was yummy and so was the salad. K had three helpings of potatoes, so I know that she liked them!

I put the leftovers in the fridge and got stuck into the dishes. I listened to the Canadian news and then my British movie programme. I enjoyed both.

F went out for a walk and I relaxed upstairs. I was so hot that I put on a dress! It was cooler.

We had a quiet evening in. I watched a bit of TV at 11 pm and then turned off the TV. I spent a bit of time reading a book on my phone. I’ve started reading a lot of free books on my phone. They aren’t great literature, but some are quite fun. 

Anyway, that was my day. I had an okay day today. It was terribly hot today, I am getting worried about what the next couple of months are going to be like. Yikes.

Come back later if you like and hear all about my Thursday. Until tomorrow….