October 29, 2009 - Thursday

Sunny, warm. Nice day.

I got up earlier than my alarms this morning. It's a sad state of affairs really. I woke up, looked at the time and groaned. Not enough time for more sleep, but felt too early to get up. Still, I did. There wasn't any news on today as it is back to baseball. Bleck. And, for some reason, NHK2 ran the parliament today rather than State of Play. Grr. I had it marked on my calendar for naught. Sigh. Still, I did get to see some Perfect Housewife show at 11:30 today. It was....weird. My sister is a good housekeeper, I am not.

I ran off (biked off really) to the post office this afternoon to mail my sister's birthday present. After that I got myself some jasmine tea at the convenience store.

When I came home I watched a bit of TV and got myself ready for work. It was a nice ride over to the school tonight and once I was there I got set up.

My first student cancelled today, so I worked on my Halloween lesson in that time. Basically, I just wrote up what I had thought about doing. Then, I worked on my latest movie column. It's long, but I hope interesting. It's also a little different than ones I've done before.

My two students showed up on time today and I did a couple of things with them that I hadn't tried before. I made them dictate the alphabet to each other, and we did a non text lesson about Halloween. It went quite well and I think they enjoyed themselves. At the end of class, I couldn't get them to leave!

When they went home with their mother, I cleaned up the class, did paperwork and set up for tomorrow's lesson. Then, I called my husband and asked him to pick me up and take me to dinner!

Tonight we went to Cocos. They were having a Halloween special for dessert. We both had chicken for our first course, then dessert and drink bar. The dessert was a Halloween mud pie. It was quite good. Definitely not an everyday kind of thing though.

We came home and watched ER which was quite good. It was mostly about Abby so F enjoyed it. He has a thing for her character. I also booked a hotel for us for next month. We'll go somewhere to celebrate someone's birthday. (Not mine. Someone I'm married to was lucky enough to be born on a National Holiday. )

That was my day. It was quite nice really. I have to run. It's late and I'm tired! Night.

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