November 13, 2009 - Friday

Sunny and warmish. Beautiful day.

I got up this morning, drank my coffee watched my news, took my shower, all the things I was supposed to do. Yay me. I had a bit of relax at home and then ate my lunch before going over to the school.

My lesson today went quite well, but the student was quite late. I was just going to call her when she came. She'd got lost on the way to my school. It happens sometimes.

I stayed late at the school doing some work. I did the paperwork for today and also checked and made props for tomorrow's classes. Hurray for me. I hope things go well tomorrow. I knew that F was supposed to work a bit late tonight, but there still wasn't a call by 6:45, so I texted him. He was at home, but when we talked a few minutes later he told me that he had just come home a few minutes earlier.

F picked me and my bike up and he asked if we could go to a fish restaurant that we've gone to a couple of times. I didn't mind as I usually like fish quite a lot. The first fish we had though, I didn't like. F said it was boiled and I thought it was a bit too rubbery. I didn't like the texture so I let him eat it all. We also had some flatfish and some aji sashimi and meidai. I think there was something else too. It was nice, but I wanted something else afterwards. Just fish, like just meat, just isn't a meal for me anymore.

While I was in the restaurant, I got a phone call from a many years ago student. She wanted to ask me how to teach Japanese! She seems to be teaching a Korean lady that she knows Japanese, and wanted some pointers from me. I suggested that she start slowly. For example, only teach a few katakana or hiragana in one class. When I came over, one of my co-workers was supposed to teach me, but tried to teach me all of the katakana in one go. Ah! It was too difficult. I ended up teaching myself at home, learning 3 or 4 a day. My ex-student and I talked for 14 minutes! Poor F. Still, I almost never talk to people on the phone so I wasn't too concerned.

We picked up some pizza buns at the grocery store, and as we walked by the bread section, F remembered that he'd bought bagels at a roadside bakery earlier in the day, and left them in his work car!. Yikes. We took the groceries home and parked them in the fridge, then drove to his office. He had to get permission to go in to the building, but he did, and then got the bagels. He had gotten us 2 chocolate bagels and one blueberry one.

We came home and watched Thursday's ER, and ate pizza buns and then chocolate bagels. They are so yum.

I had asked to watch Deception with Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor, which we did. It was...okay. A little predictable honestly. I guessed a few of the plot twists before they happened. It did have some adult scenes in it.

And that was pretty much my day. Tomorrow I have 3 classes at the school, so I'll be gone most of the afternoon. Also, Twilight is on WOWOW tomorrow night. I've set the VCR to tape it. It's not really that _I_ want to watch it, it's that I promised my niece that I would. She'd madly in love with Robert Pattinson. I was a bit the same way at that age, so thought I'd check it out. Besides, is it possible that it could be WORSE than the books?

Anyway, that's it for me. I have to go. Night!

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