January 16, 2010


A pretty good day. This morning I wasn't sure that it would be though. I was a little cranky when I first got up. I went to the washroom and found that my dearest was lying on the couch with no lights and no heater on. Sigh. He left soon after to go back to his doctor. I slept a little longer, then got up, showered and then went out to watch the news. I wouldn't let F watch whatever useless J-program he was watching, and I watched the news instead. I rewatched Criminal Minds and caught the beginning this time.

We went to Gusto for a quick and pretty good breakfast and then left early to go to my school. We both did some snow shovelling. I took care of the front entrance and the walkway in front of the apartments, he did my parking space.

After he left, I went into the school and got ready for my day. My first class went well and then I had a break for an hour. In that hour I did lesson checking and also went out and did a bit more snow shovelling! I really was busy today. My next two classes were fine, and then I had one hour before my next class. I was busy then too. I really didn't have enough time to eat the lunch that I brought. I was a bit sad about that.

When everything was finished and I was ready to call F it was after 8 pm. Not a lot later mind you, but a little after 8. I had a busy day. He picked me up and we had dinner at Grado. It was good. When we arrived it was very quiet, but by the end it was a bit busier. They were also showing the Disney Channel on their big screen TV and Toy Story 2 was on. Even though there was no sound, we were watching it! It's a great movie. I may have to rewatch it soon!

We came home and had a quiet evening. I watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles and then a few minutes of Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. After a bit of that, I told hub he could have the TV. It was sort of funny, but I don't need to hear the "ef" word 10 times a minute. It didn't offend me but it was gratuitous.

Hubby has just gone to bed and I really should get there too. I'm tired, after all it was a long day. No fixed plans for the morrow, so tune in and see what happens! Got to go. Night.

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