January 2, 2010 - Saturday

Cold, snowy, and windy. Yuck!

We both slept in today, but got up in time to watch the second Back to the Future movie. I liked it a lot. I always did like the second one. I thought it was very inventive and made me think.

I wasn't very hungry again, so after F had some food, I opened a can of sardines and had them on crispbread. I don't really know why, but when I'm under the weather, sardines seem like a nice treat!

After watching ET (which I didn't really plan on) I made F take us out. We went to the mall to pick up my bus and train tickets for my trip to Sendai & Sapporo later this month. I looked on the calendar today and it's less than 4 weeks away. Woo hoo!

After we picked up my tickets, we had a cheap and cheerful dinner in a mall restaurant, then went to the grocery store in the mall to pick up something for dinner later. We also got a few things for a fondue in the afternoon. I think I'll serve cheese fondue for lunch. We got some nice bread, some veggies and some other stuff which the packet said was good in a fondue.

We came home and watched My Fair Lady in the evening. I haven't seen it in years, and F hasn't seen it at all, so we watched it. I think he liked it, he claims to be a fan of Audrey Hepburn so he should. I knew that being based on a Shaw story it would be misogynistic, but I didn't realize how overt it was. I know it was based in a different time, but even so, Higgins was not a nice guy!

We had some sushi while we watched the film and enjoyed it too. F hasn't been feeling all that well either, poor thing. His neck is really bugging him. I'm feeling better, but my nose has started to run like crazy. I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight. I think I'll take some cold medicine soon and go to bed.

Today was another good but quiet day for us. I really don't mind it if they are this quiet. Got to go. Night night.


Rachel said...

I reject all those 'suggestions' on the packet. Just bread!!

Can I add your blog to the list for the journal? Or can you write me a small piece about your blogging/journalling?

OMG, my verify word is DUCTSLAG! The mind boggles...

Helen said...

The bread was good, but so was the steamed broccoli, snow peas and fried mushrooms. The weird Japanese stuff didn't do it for me, but F liked it!

Broccoli and cheese is major yum!

And...when would you need the report done? I had thought to do it when I came back from Sendai, but I got sick and couldn't think straight!

Yes, you can list mine. Don't know if anyone would be interested in it though.