January 21, 2010

Thursday--Rainy then snowy and cold

Today was an okay day in a way, but.... I woke up for real at 9:35 and sprang up out of bed. I'd been hitting the snooze button a little long today and had missed the start of the news. Ack. I turned on the heater and the news and made myself a coffee, and settled in to watch Diane. And then the phone rang. It was hubby. He was outside. I was a little ticked that he'd call me during my "special time" so told him to come in! He did and watched the news/made lots of noise all through it. Yay. Or not. He was working, and had driven some people to a local school again but couldn't go back to the office until they had finished their day. He left a little after 11. It was nice to see him, but I had my day planned out for myself and my day didn't include a loud, large man! He did volunteer to drive me to my school, but as my first class didn't start until 7 and it wasn't even noon yet, turned him down.

I watched Tim Gunn's Fashion Check, or whatever it is called and enjoyed it a lot. Sometimes I watch makeovers and I think the original person is better looking, but this one was great. The show had a woman dressing better and they cut and coloured her hair a touch and wow! Very attractive. I'd like to get my sister on that show.

I caught the end of a US/Japanese horror film that looked interesting. I would have liked to see more of it. I didn't go to the post office after all today. I would have if I could have ridden my bike, but as F left to go back to work, he told me it was snowing. And, it continued to snow for quite a while.

During the day at home I did a couple of things. I wrote to my bookseller about the problem with my book. They got back to me and said they'd contact the publisher on my behalf. (Yay) I also wrote a fax to a student about a new text for her class.

I watched Cold Case, which has replaced The Unit. I enjoyed seeing it again. I made my lunch, which was a bit difficult as I was out of almost everything! I used the last two eggs for my omelette. There was very little cheese for the inside, no meat, no sausages. It was sad.

I was getting ready to walk to work when the phone rang. It was someone from the book publisher apologizing about my book and making arrangement to get me a new one. How lovely! Good service.

I went outside, cleared our parking space here at the apartment, then walked on to work. The snow was very light and soft so it wasn't difficult or taxing. I walked first to a convenience store to pay a bill for the apartment, then to a drug store to get myself some drinks and necessaries. At my school, I parked my backpack and grabbed the shovel. I cleared the front steps, my parking space, and a walkway from my space to the building. I'm such a wonderful human being.

I was very early, so I went into the school, checked that everything was set up, and then read more of my novel. It's so good. I did do a bit of prep for today's class though. A little before my first class was due to start, I went out again and there had been a bit more snow. This wasn't as nice. It was a little icy and more difficult to remove. I did the steps again, and a quick onceover of my space.

My classes both went quite well. The students try very hard in the first class and today did okay. I'm not sure how much they understand. The second class basically finished up the unit. It was good.

After a quick clean up and paperwork session, I made some new vocab cards for my second class, then did dishes and called F to tell him I was finished. He came to pick me up.

He suggested going to Moku Moku across town (not the best idea on a slippery night) so we drove there. The car did start to skid quite badly on one turn, but there weren't any other cars around and we did okay. We got to the restaurant and they told us they would close in 15 minutes. Yikes. I told F we should go, so he told the waitress that we couldn't eat that quickly. She told us it was okay to stay a bit longer. We both had nice dishes. I had pasta, he had a doria. After dinner we did a bit of grocery shopping at the nearby store, then came home a different way than usual. I thought F was going the wrong way and was bugging him about turning around, but he just went a different way. Thing is, sometimes he does get lost, and with it being all snowy again, thought it had happened again tonight. I did apologize afterwards.

We had a quiet lovely evening at home. It was after midnight when we arrived, so we didn't do that much. I read email, F slept on the couch!

That was my day. It was long and a little busy, but generally quite good. I should go. My bed is probably warm and it's cold in this corner of the room, so.... Night!


Anonymous said...

Hey Helen.. I had frozen Doria.. does that count? I've been living off of tomato sandwiches and cucumber..

Something about simplicity that makes it taste so wonderful.

OH.. I don't have BS but we have high vision Hikari TV.. Ugly betty was airing..maybe season 3 is finished?

Have you watched Chuck yet?

Helen said...

Chuck? I guess that would be a no!

Mmm, tomato sandwiches and cucumbers. Yum. Have you made cucumber soup? Wrong season right now, but so good!

Too bad about Ugly Betty then. I'm not sure what season we're on, but it's fun!

Anonymous said...

Cucumber soup? No, can you share the recipe with me? I used to eat cucumber salad, had some mayo, vinegar, and raw onion?? I was young can't really remember.

Helen said...

April, there's a bunch of recipes on this page. http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/~bcohen/cucumbers/recipes/chilled_soup.html

I'm reasonably sure that the one I made had curry in it, so I think it was soup number 6. I said it wasn't really the right season because cucumber soup is usually cold. But it was good!

(Hubby got cucumbers from his boss and I didn't want to waste them.)