January 26, 2010

Tuesday - Snowy in the morning, clearing in the evening.

I got up this morning and the apartment was quiet. Yay for that. I got up, watched the news, checked email, the usual things.

I had a quiet day. I did decide to vacuum the apartment and I even changed the bag in the vacuum, so I really did want to do it. I was finishing up by giving our heater a good once over, then the floor behind the heater too. I didn't notice but I accidentally sucked up a bottle cap. It was the perfect fit for the hose. It got lodged in the hose and I couldn't get it out. I thought I'd try scissors to pry it out. Nope. I blew down the hose. No. I tried putting a battery in the hose as it was small and heavy and hoped that it would work. Nope again. I gave up. I left a note for F, and put the rest of the vacuum away.

There had been a thin coat of ice on the road for most of the day, but when I looked out of the window it seemed to be gone. Yay. I decided that I would cycle to my school. I knew I'd likely have to walk in places, but it would be okay to cycle. I watched my two episodes of Cold Case and then set off.

It was so cold out there. It really was. It was windy and I wasn't wearing a wind proof jacket so I was shivering away. Still, I made it quite nicely. Yay for that. There wasn't much snow to worry about. In my parking space, all I did was break up the mound of snow and spread it out a bit.

I had two classes this evening and they both went quite well. I was really happy with my child student. He's doing well, as is the adult I teach. After classes, I cleaned up, did paper work and the dishes. I also finished the newspaper and read a bit of my book.

F picked me up a little after 9 and we went for dinner. His first choice was closed, my suggestion was also closed, so he took us to a place that we've only been a couple of times. It's run by a butcher shop and they have really nice food. Tonight I had chicken tatsuta, and F had ginger pork. We enjoyed our meals very much, with the exception of the coffee afterwards. It was too strong and not hot enough!

We came home via the grocery store, where we bought things for tomorrow night's dinner, then we came home.

At home, I put on Criminal Minds. It was halfway through the program and I was sad because I had read about this episode on a blog. Wil Wheaton's blog to be specific. He was on the show tonight. I read about his experience shooting this episode and had wanted to see it for a while. It was good, I just wish that I'd seen all of it. I may have to tape the Saturday repeat and watch it when I get back. Oh well.

And that was basically my day. I did have a "chat" with my sister about something. It was nice to "talk" to her though. I almost never do chats anymore...I keep forgetting to switch the darn thing on!

Oh, one last thing....F did get the bottle cap out. He tried my idea again of using a battery in the hose and it worked this time. Woot. The only thing is, I don't have an excuse not to vacuum anymore! Night.

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