February 14, 2010

Sunday Happy Valentine's Day! Clear and cool.

Today was quite a day. I got up late because of course it is Sunday, so why the heck not? After I got up, I made brunch. We had French toast and sausages, and it was good.

In the afternoon F watched Olympics until I for one was sick to death of them, then he switched to watching something about a woman with some kind of handicap. When they showed her giving birth I got a bit snarky and requested that he change the channel.

We basically sat at home, him on the couch, me at my computer all day. I had thought we would go out, but we didn't. Finally, around 6:30 I got royally annoyed because we wasted a whole day, so I stormed out. I didn't really storm...I was so tired of being cooped up that I had to get out of the apartment. I only walked to the corner and bought a couple of canned coffees, but I really needed to get outside. I brought the cans back, and after a few minutes of bickering, we decided to go out. Yay.

First we went to the electric shop to buy a new light bulb for the spare room, then, while we were there, F bought me a hot water dispenser for my school. It's what they call a hot pot I think. I hope it'll be a little safer than the coffee maker I have now.

After that, we went for dinner. We talked about where to go and decided to try one of the hotels we sometimes go to. We went to the Daiichi Hotel first but instead of going to our usual place, F wanted to see if the Teppanyaki room was a possibility. We went there and they said at first it wasn't, but then they said we could go in. We had very nice steak and garlic rice. The rice was also flavoured with shiso, which made it taste quite unusual, but in a good way.

When we finished dinner we went to the grocery store and finally bought our milk! We also picked up some drinks for tonight. F found chocolate soda and got that. We tried it and it was interesting. I don't think I'd want to drink it everyday, but once in a while would be fine.

Well, tomorrow I have quite a day. We're going to the tax office in the morning, hopefully to the train station to buy train tickets, and then, to the dentist in the afternoon. Ack. Too busy.

Gotta go. Night!


Girl Japan said...

Happy Belated V-day Helen!!! That Shiso flavored rice sounds fabulous.. I love Shiso dressing as well, and like Shiso Natto.

You might have bickered but I bet making up was SO much fun!!

Helen said...

I love Shiso, but I don't think it could make me eat natto in any way, shape or form! It's one of the few foods I just can't eat.

Making up was fun, and so was our dinner together.

Thanks for the V-Day wishes :-) I hope yours was nice too.