February 27, 2010

Saturday - Sunny and warm. Gorgeous day.

It never fails. Yesterday, my day off, was horrible weather, all rain and wind. Today, my work day, was gorgeous, beautiful and springlike.

Last night I went to bed before F. I left him sitting at his computer doing some printing or writing on it. I woke up at 4 and he was still there, not sleeping. I suggested he come to bed soon. At 8 this morning I woke up and he was on the couch snoring away.

We had a few choice words this morning. Originally I had asked him to take me to the doctor when he went as my first class of the day had cancelled. However, F had decided that he wanted to go early as usual. I didn't. Bullying and nastiness ensued from both parties. I did finally go, I wanted to see if I should be worried about the swelling on my leg that has been there for 8 months, since my bike accident. The doctor seemed surprised that it was still big and gave me that sticky plaster stuff to put on it, plus an ice pack. I'm really not sure why the ice pack as the injury is old, but whatever. I also got a blood test in case there's an infection or something.

After the doctor's office, things got better between us. It was too early to go for lunch, so we went for coffee to Doutors. Except, when we got there, we both had their new drink, Marsala Chai. It was very good, but too sweet for us. Why are drinks so sweet in Japan? I don't get it.

We discussed our lunch options and decided to go to a place we went once before. We were on the way there, when F suggested another place I know he's been dying to try. So, we went there instead. It was a local spa/farmer's market combination place, they had a buffet meal for 1200 yen. It was rather interesting. You could buy the full set for 1200 yen or buy your plates for lunch. For example, the large entree plate cost 500 yen, the miso soup bowl was 150 yen, the salad bowl was 200 yen.... Most of the food was grown locally and also cooked by people in the area. A neat idea really. The food was quite good.

After lunch, F drove us home and we relaxed for a while. I showed him how to do some printing with his computer. I remember how confusing it all was at first. Then, it was 2 pm and time to go to work.

My student came right on time and we had a good class. She read a book on Grey Wolf and she was moved/impassioned enough to write a 4 page commentary on it. It was interesting. I was quite impressed with her to be honest! My second class ended up cancelling again. She's rescheduled and promises to come next week. Sigh. I spent my spare time reading the newspapers and working on a book list for my first student on Tuesday.

I called F and he joined me at my school, addressed an envelope for me, and then helped me blow that popsicle joint!

We drove out to the big mall to see if there was a movie we could see. There was, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. We were early, so we had a not very healthy dinner at KFC and then went to the movie. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's nice to see a fairly intelligent film that is okay for teens.

We came home afterwards via the grocery store. We got home a little bit before Harper's Island, which finished tonight. Before it started, we watched some of the skating from last night and they FINALLY showed Joannie Rochette's skate. She wasn't perfect, but under the circumstances, it was understandable. And hey, Harper's Island! Oh my goodness! It kind of crumbled right at the very end, but gruesome and scary and fun. I'm not a horror fan by any means so I was surprised how much I liked it!

And that was about that. I'm tired and I need to get my beauty sleep. I don't know what we'll do tomorrow, but hopefully, we'll have a good day off together. Night.

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