February 9, 2010

Tuesday Rainy, then clear and warm.

I had an odd start to the day. I overslept, but not on purpose. Yikes! I had switched my alarms off instead of hitting snooze, so I looked at the clock and it was late. I had missed the news and was a bit angry with myself. Today, I didn't have a lot of time to waste as I had an early class.

I showered quickly, then did the computer stuff I needed to do. I did some prep for tonight's dinner. I steamed some broccoli and some chicken, then made my lunch.

I kept an eye on the weather as well. At first I was a bit nervous as it was raining quite hard in the morning, but by noon it had stopped and the sun was shining. Yes! I decided to risk riding my bike to work today.

A little after 1:30 I headed out. I had to walk in a few places as the ice was thick and covered the road, but I was able to bike quite a bit too. I stopped at the bakery to grab a sandwich for later.

My student was a bit late today, but we had an okay lesson. We tried out a new textbook and she has decided that she'd like to use it from now on. I think it will be quite helpful for her.

After her class, I had two more, but I had about an hour's time inbetween them both. I was able to read the newspaper, do some planning and also my paperwork. Yay.

When classes finished tonight, I tidied up, checked tomorrow's lesson and did the dishes! I texted F to ask him if he was finished work, but he didn't call me back for ages. Sigh. He had just finished work.

He came to pick me up and then he asked me where we should go. I was happy to be able to ask him to take us home.

At home, I got dinner under way. I put on some water for the spaghetti, set the table, heated up the chicken and the broccoli, and the pasta sauce. No, I didn't make my own sauce, but the one I did use was really good. It was a garlic alfredo sauce. It, combined with the fettucine, chicken and broccoli was really nice! F was quite impressed with me for a change, and I even impressed myself a little. Last night in the grocery store, I remembered how much I liked a similar dish when I was at The Olive Gardens last year in Edmonton. Anyway, it was good. F, the sweetie, did the dishes.

Tonight I watched a new show for me, So You Think You Can Dance. Fox is running it on the Fox11 Digital channel. It was interesting. I'm not sure I'll like it as much as American Idol, but I do like dancing so you never know. Some people were awful, others were okay. A few were great.

That's about it for my day. It was a good one, a bit busy, but fine really. Talk to you tomorrow? Night.

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