March 3, 2010

Wednesday - Rainy, then clearing, then back to rain. Woohoo!

A good but busy day. I had to get up early (for me) this morning so that we could go and see the dental surgeon. The original plan, and I made it with my husband (there was my first mistake, right?) was for us to leave our apartment at 9:00 am on the dot to drive first to our regular dentist's office to pick up the introduction letter, and then drive to the hospital from there. The plan was to be at the hospital a few minutes before 9:30. Well, guess who decided to hang up laundry at 9.00am? Yep. Not me. We were about 10 minutes late leaving here, then late getting out of the first dentist's office. We did arrive at the hospital around 9:30, but had to park and then check in. Gah.

The actual hospital stuff went well. I had to make an appointment for a scan next week, and then the week after that have it all explained to me. Except in my case it'll be explained to my husband first and what he remembers will be explained to me.

We had lunch at a little place near my school. It was very nice. We were the only customers at first. Surprisingly, the lights went off a couple of times. I think the staff overloaded a breaker because they got it back fairly quickly. We stopped off at my school to pick up my financial things and then headed to the tax department. As we were parking I said to F that maybe the staff was still on lunch as it was before 1pm. He didn't think so.

We went in and F explained the situation to the person on duty. He directed us to the desk of a man who was on lunch. They made the poor guy stop eating and come and help us. Anyway, we got everything sorted out and I suppose I won't get hauled away for tax evasion. Note to self, when your husband tells you he checked all the numbers at least twice, make him show you.

After all of this we visited a hundred yen shop, took my ring to the jeweller's shop (there's a bit of metal that is in need of filing or bending down), and went to two different electric shops to search for a coffee maker with a timer. Came up empty at both.

We went home for a couple of hours, so I watched last night's Project Runway and then F watched some Ultimate Fighter show. Bleck. I got him to drive me over to my school.

Things at my school went really well tonight. The student seemed to have a handle on the grammar and even spelling went well. He did really well on the spelling and only missed a couple of words. After his class I finished up and called F.

We had dinner at Aki, the okonmiyaki place nearby. It was good. We had cheese and tomato okonomiyaki, gyoza and something I'd never had before, tempe? It was basically okonomiyaki without the noodles and the flour pancake stuff. Yum. Over dinner, F suggested karaoke, which went a long way towards getting himself out of the doghouse!

We decided to try the nice place near our grocery store. They weren't very busy, so we got a room. We had fun. I sang one Adam Lambert song. I wanted to sing another, but I'll have to wait until next week. Too bad. I did sing quite an assortment of other songs. I did Michael Buble, Dean Martin, Climie Fisher, Paul Young, and many, many more. Fun!

When they closed out the karaoke box, we came home and I watched tonight's episode of Ugly Betty. Christina's storyline finally came to an end and it looks like she's left the show. I'm sad, but the actress, Ashley Jensen is so incredibly funny, and she really wasn't used well on the show.

And, when I'm reduced to talking about TV, it's the end of the update! Tomorrow I have hubby at home again, but he says he has lots of things to do. I hope so! I'll talk to you tomorrow night. Bye for now!

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