May 20, 2010

Thursday - Misty and cloudy.

Not a faboo day. I did get up almost on time this morning, watched the news and then found a really interesting documentary about a British girl who went to America to a diet camp/boarding school. It was called Too Fat for Fifteen. It was well done.

During the day I showered, watched a little TV and then took a nap! Yep. Well, I tried anyway. In the middle of my couch time I got a call from a parent telling me that one of her daughters would be doing sports instead of English after today. The other would continue. Okay. This gives me a few questions and worries, but that's business stuff and I'll deal with it off blog.

Have brunch, go to work, the usual.

First class, no problem. The student did fine today.

Second class, the one with the two students. I had misunderstood and thought only one girl would come today. Two showed up. Okay, no sweat. I grab the extra chair. We do our lesson and it goes quite well. I ask about next week. She can't come for a month because of school sports practice. If I had known I would have prepared extra homework.

Third class, okay, except she can't come next Tuesday.

Third class's student leaves at 9:08. I turn on my phone at 9:10. Immediately my cellphone gets a text from my husband. I read it, and don't reply. I keep working. After classes, I do paperwork, clean up, prep for next day's classes, keep myself busy. 9:30 my cellphone rings. I am still working so ignore it. A few minutes later, I check the message and it's no more than some little sweet nothings so I delete it and decide to call him back. I tell him I'm still working. He's in my parking lot now. I tell him I'm not ready to leave yet. He says he'll wait. I say it might take a while.

A few minutes later, I go out to meet him in the parking lot and he's not there. My bike is still there. Hmm. Did I misunderstand something? I call. No answer. I leave a message. Five minutes later I text. No reply. I decide to ride myself home. Nice night for it, very quiet. Weather is humid, but not actually raining.

Get home, park bike. Go inside. Husband in bed. Claims he didn't hear the phone or the text. Don't really believe it as he will answer the phone in the middle of meals, conversations and other important husband/wife events.

We go out for dinner. Have an okay time at Gusto. Come back home. Watch end of ER. He takes bath, then goes to bed. Never. Asked. About. My. Day. Once. So very not impressed.

Anyway, that's it for me. Tomorrow I'm off work, not sure what I'll do with myself. I'd like to go somewhere, but the sad thing about Tsuruoka is there is nowhere to go, and very little to do. Night.

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