May 4, 2010

Tuesday - Sunny and hot.

I skipped a day in my blog and it's all my husband's fault! He had other plans for our holiday. He decided that we wouldn't come home on Monday as I had thought, but would do something else. So, hope no one was waiting by the computer for me to come back on line then.

It's late so I'll just give a brief overview. Monday, we checked out of our hotel and then drove to a theme park thing that was about 2 hours away from Akita. I wasn't sure why we were going there and to be honest, I'm still not sure. There were a lot of crafting things going on, but most of it was for kids. F wanted me to do some but I'd worn a favourite t-shirt that day and refused to run the risk of mucking it up. Being Golden Week, it was so crowded and the weather was so hot that I was really not having a good time. By the time we had something to eat and got out of there, it was after 3 pm. I thought it was great. We'd head for home and be home around dark. But no. F wanted to drive to Sendai.

We drove to Sendai and it wasn't fun for me. Because of my sciatica I have to sit a certain way in the car. The way I sit puts a lot of weight on my bad foot, so I wasn't comfortable. We were a mere 5 hours from Sendai, at least that's how long it seemed to take. I suggested stopping and finding a place to stay numerous times, but F had other ideas. After 10 pm in Sendai, on a Golden Week night, is not a good time to look for a hotel room. We drove around and around and I was, frankly, on the verge of losing it. Not only were my hip and foot protesting, but I was just tired of the motion of the car. I had decided that if he didn't find us a place by 11:00 pm I was going to ask him to drive us home. At 10:45 he pulled into a hotel, went in to ask about rooms and miracle of miracles, they had one left, which we took. It was a nice hotel, technically a love hotel, but one of the "basically just a hotel room" types. We had a lovely night's sleep!

This morning I still really just wanted to get home, but F wanted to go to the mall and maybe see a movie. Okay, whatever. We went to The Mall in Sendai and looked at the schedule but there was nothing for us really. At 3 something we could have seen Alice in Wonderland, but F wasn't biting, so I suggested we just leave the mall.

We stayed long enough to have another Assam Black Tea Latte and look at a display of old Japanese toys and movie posters (Seriously, almost good enough to make the mall worth going to!) and then finally, finally set out home. Our intrepid driver didn't take the highway though, we drove the back ways. It took for blooming ever. I really wasn't too happy about that, but I wasn't driving and we were on our way home.

I would have enjoyed my time in the mall more if F would ever just let me have some solo shopping time. He never does. He follows me everywhere I go, usually right behind me, looming over me and yet shows no interest in anything I look at. It's frustrating and basically my whole defence has been to give up shopping.

Back home I quickly unpacked and downloaded my new email. I got a lot. I read most of it, deleted some of the non important stuff. We had dinner in Cocos tonight and it was okay. We bought some groceries on our way home too.

Tonight we watched So You Think You Can Dance and it was the big finale dance. It was great. Some of the dances were excellent. Tomorrow we find out the winner.

That was the brief overview of my trip. It was good, but I really could have done without the trip to Sendai. I didn't want it, didn't need it, and feel it was just a waste of time. Oh well.

Tomorrow I have a few things to do before going back to work on Thursday. Wish me luck! Bye for now!

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