May 8, 2010

Saturday - Sunny and warm.

A nice day after all. I got up this morning and had a shower then went back for a snuggle with a not so grumpy anymore man! We had an okay brunch at Gusto and then I went off to work.

My first class was fine and afterward they left the doorbell rang. It was my husband. Huh? We'd had a notice from the Gas Company that they wanted to check the pipes in the apartment, so he came over to help me while they did that. The gas guy showed up a few minutes later and basically my hub took care of everything for me. It wasn't difficult, we just had to run hot water at times. Everything was fine. After that, my guy left.

I had a couple of hours until my next class so I checked it's set up and then read some of my newspaper backlog. Good for me. My second student of the day came, a little late, but I was happy to see her. It had been a while. We had a good class too.

During my next free hour I did some checking and had a snack. Then, I read another newspaper! My third class was also fine except we finished a little early so I gave her English quizzes to keep her busy. I think she had fun with them.

When classes were over, I finished up my paperwork and then washed dishes. I called F to come and get me and we went out for dinner. We went home first to pick up his wallet, then to Jiro for pork saute in Garlic oil. Super yum.

At home after a quick grocery store run, we watched a couple of episodes of Tru Calling before watching the final episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I really liked that show. Boo for cancelling it. Then, we watched the last episode of Prison Break. I had watched it on and off during the series.

And that was my day. No big whoop, but it's nice to be off for the next couple of days. Come back tomorrow and I'll fill you in on the details! Night.

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