June 18, 2010

Friday - Hot, humid and sunny.

I got up at about the right time this morning and stayed up. Yay me.

I took a few minutes and finished my book Brisingr finally. I've been reading that one for a few weeks. I have started, but just barely, Cold Comfort Farm so I hope to get stuck into it soon.

I had a very quiet day around the apartment. Nothing really exciting happened.

F came home and wanted his dinner soon, so we both did a bit. I had set the table before, but F made coffee while I got out the soup. We had bought cold kabocha soup, then some risotto (from a packet) and then some beef stirfry thing I got last night with some salad. It was all quite nice. F did the dishes afterwards.

He came through to the living room and grabbed the TV remote and turned it on. Now, I have this thing about him (and his mother always does this too), he turned on the TV and just watched whatever was on. There was no question to me to see if I wanted to watch anything, or was planning to watch something soon. Nope. Nada. It was some stupid talento show so I decided to go and read the newspaper in the bedroom and leave him to it. I didn't say anything, I really didn't. I don't know if I got a disgusted expression on my face or not...likely, but I didn't say anything. Anyway, he gets up, turns off the TV and then goes and gets dressed and leaves for a couple of hours. Whatever! He was probably parking somewhere in the car watching TV because his wife was mean to him.

I read the newspaper, and then came back to the living room. I did some computer work and then someone came home. He was talking to me, but only barely. Kind of getting the silent treatment for a bit.

Around midnight I asked him if he'd mind if I watched Top Gear. If he was bothered by it, I would have watched it tomorrow night. He said it was okay, then left and went to bed. Boo hoo. Anyway, Top Gear was fun. Kristen Scott Thomas was on tonight, and she wasn't as funny as some of the people, but the host has a big crush on her so it was fun. They also drove tractors which is quite scary. I've driven tractors when I was a teenager and I was always petrified that they'd tip over on me or something. My sister had that happen to her and it was lucky she wasn't hurt.

I have a long day tomorrow so I really should get myself off to bed soon. I'm back to the dentist in the afternoon and should get my bridge I think. I hope I'll be okay to teach afterwards. Wish me luck! Night.

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