July 12, 2010

Monday - Cloudy and a bit cooler. Hurray.

I got up this morning, but went back for a longer sleep. Today was cooler and I could actually sleep. It was so nice not to wake up in a sweat.

I got up, and got on with my day. I really had a quiet day at home. I didn’t go out at all. I watched my weekend’s TV and it was quite exciting really. Hmm, CSI: New York was especially good.

I watched my repeats of Cold Case and had a little lunch too. I had half an avocado on crispbread and some soup too. After I did my dishes I got started on dinner. I had looked up a recipe for Grilled Lemon-Oregano Chicken Drumsticks, so I made up the marinade and put the drumsticks in it and then back in the fridge. I made a few substitutions as we didn’t have any fresh oregano, but I thought dried would probably work!

I read today’s newspaper and also yesterdays. Yay me. A lot of time I don’t read the paper here, I take them to the school, but I don’t have a class until Thursday, so didn’t want to do that.

F came home around 6:30 and then he took a bath. After he finished I got started on dinner. I probably should have started while he was in the bath, but I wasn’t sure how to make one of the packet things I bought so I needed him around.

I made up the macaroni gratin mostly following his directions. I substituted tuna for chicken and at the end I put some crushed crackers on the top before I stuck it in the oven. We baked it and I got on with the other parts of the meal. I grilled the chicken, and stir-fried some yellow zucchini and onion. Yum. It took a long time for the macaroni to set, but F finally took it out of the oven.
We had quite a nice meal. The chicken was really good. I had used real fresh lemon juice in the marinade and I think it made a difference. F was impressed by it, and he liked the macaroni stuff too. He liked that a bit too much if you ask me! He had 4 helpings. At that point I got a bit shirty and told him that it was my lunch the next day. That had been the plan anyway.

He did the dishes which was really nice of him. There were a lot tonight. Usually when I cook I don’t use many, but tonight I did.

After dinner I did something unusual for me. It was about 9:30, I went to the bedroom and took a nap. I set my alarm for 11 pm so I could get up and blog, but I really needed that sleep. I was wiped out!

I find cooking dinner when F is around to be really stressful. He tries to help, but when he translates instructions on boxes, he translates literally and it doesn’t always make sense. Then, when he does something to help me, he always ends up in my way. I really hate that. If I lose my temper, it isn’t fair as he is trying to help!

Hub is off to bed now. He says he’s got to go to work a little early tomorrow. This is really sucking. He isn’t officially at work until 8:30, but he has to be there before 7 am. That just doesn’t seem fair to me. Good job it isn’t me. I’d never be able to do it.

Anyway, I’m off soon. I might watch an episode of something before bed. I’m a little tired, but feel like I’d like to laugh a bit before going to bed. Gotta go. Night!

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siti the twins said...

seems you've had a nice, cool whether. well, in my place, it was heavily rain. you know what? the most funnies thing that happen is me and my twins were stuck in our college till the evening, and finally we have decided to takes the risk to run for a bus. yesterday was a nightmare to me. Thank god that i still have another clothes to wear for tomorrow.