August 22, 2010

Sunday - Hot and very sunny.

A pretty good day today. I tried to get up early. I did wake up early, but things happen and I didn’t get up until 1ish. Oh well, it was Sunday after all.

We had a nice lunch in Kintaro Sushi. Afterwards we got gas for the car and then I needed a drink so we went off to the mall. The Doutors was busy so we went shopping instead. F got himself another new wallet (he wanted two new ones) and then while we were in the video store, we found Up. He ended up buying Up. I went off to the hundred yen shop where I soon realised that getting a drink was really no longer an option. Sushi makes me very thirsty and I was already feeling a bit dehydrated, so I needed liquid stat!

We had a nice iced Royal Milk Tea each in the shop and discussed what to do. Going home won. We were supposed to watch a movie, but I didn’t really want to.

We watched some dumb movies on WOWOW and then went out for dinner. Tonight we went to Grado. We had to take some of my newspapers there anyway so we had two reasons for going. The waiter from last time was there, but he seemed to have recovered from his cold, thank goodness. F had what I usually have, the meat plate, and I had the seaweed pasta. It was so very yummy. Jumanji was playing on the TV in the restaurant, and F kept saying how much it reminded him of Zathura. I told him I wasn’t surprised because Zathura was by the same author. F hasn’t seen Jumanji, which I’m almost shocked about. It’s been on TV so many times.

We picked up a few things for dinner tomorrow night. I’m a little miffed at the grocery store though. We got there a little after 9 pm tonight and they were out of almost everything. The premade salads…gone. The ground beef/pork mix…gone. Most of the interesting veggies were MIA too. Just not impressed with the store anymore. Since I couldn’t get a premade salad, I had to buy lettuce which means I’ll have to wash lettuce. Oh heavens. I hate that. I’m going to add in some mini tomatoes, some raw mushrooms, and I think a hard cooked egg if I get myself sorted tomorrow.

We came home again and watched the tail end of National Treasure and then F went to bed after a bit of vegging on the couch. I’m still up, but what else is new?

I did one good thing today though, I booked us a couple of tours when we’re away next month. Hopefully they’ll be good. They sounded really interesting.

That’s it for me. Have a good night eh?

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