September 10, 2010

Friday - Hot and sunny.

I overslept by a long mile today. I’m not sure what happened but I got up much later than usual. I just couldn’t wake up. Sigh. And then, when I turned on my computer, I sort of wished I hadn’t woken up.

For a lot of today there was a kerfuffle on one of the groups I moderate. I can’t really go into it, but I had to consult with the other moderator and do a bit of behind the scenes work to try to calm the situation down. Don’t know how we’re doing yet. Sigh.

There was absolutely nothing on TV today until noon, then it was news. Later on I watched CSI: El Orange, or whatever it’s called. I started watching an interesting bit on Japan’s hotel culture, but decided to tape it. I wanted to go out.

I went to S-Mall to get out of the apartment under my own steam! Always important. I got my bus tickets for next month’s trip to Sendai. I’ll have to cancel a couple of classes, sad to say, but it really can’t be helped. I had a lovely iced cafe mocha drink and then came home.

F arrived a few minutes after I did and went to bed right away. I don’t understand that. I asked him about dinner and he said he wanted it so I cooked.

I was quite busy for a while. I steamed some broccoli, stir-fried some asparagus and ham, set the table and the cooked the chicken. I called him several times and he finally came out of the bedroom to eat. Dinner was quite nice and we both enjoyed it. After dinner, F did the dishes.

Hubby put on the TV and watched some bad stuff and then to be fair, put a movie on. However, it was a bilingual movie and he didn’t change the TV to English. I asked him if I could watch something else, and put on the tape about Japan’s hotels. He watched it too, and it was quite interesting. He went to bed after a while and I stayed up.

I watched Top Gear which was really funny as usual. Today they went to Norway and put cars through things like Olympic events. I like the biathlon and the ski-jumping best! Too funny.

Anyway, that was my day. It was a little stressful in the beginning, but fingers crossed, will turn out okay. Night.

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