September 14, 2010

Tuesday - Lovely and sunny, not overly hot.

Happy Anniversary to us. Dear F and I registered our marriage 9 years ago today. The world has never been the same since. The biggest thing I remember about that day arriving at City Hall and telling F I needed to use the washroom first. He didn’t listen and barrelled on up to the counter to take in the forms. Basically our marriage hasn’t changed much since then. He’s always in a hurry and I always need to pee!

On with today. I managed to get up this morning but was terribly sleepy. I even fell asleep during the news, so had to rewatch it later. Sigh. There was nothing on telly today, so disappointing.

I spent time on line and also took a brief nap on the couch. It was 5 minutes long, I set my timer. It did help a bit. I lunched and then rode over to my school.

At the school I got ready for my class. I wore my new shirt that F bought me a couple of weeks ago and it was fine. I also got a call from my student who’s in the hospital. She will be there for a few weeks, but she sounded quite chipper today. Yay for that.

My first class was good and my student and I had some amazing chats. Last class I’d sent her home with a copy of Matilda by Roald Dahl (the one for learners of English) and she loved it! Today she asked if she could try the real (not for learners) version of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, so I sent her home with that. She’s read the learners version, in fact she’s read all three of the stories available. I told her not to worry too much about all of the vocabulary. A lot of words are African words and I wouldn’t even know what they are. She should just guess from context what they mean. Hope she’ll manage. (Her reading ability is obviously quite high or I wouldn’t let her try it.)
In my break time I did a bit of paperwork, a bit of prep and read the newspapers, so enjoyed myself.

My other student came on time and we had a good class too. We talked about my anniversary and her weekend before getting down to work.

After class I finished up and continued reading the Sunday newspaper. I didn’t quite finish, but F called me and then came to get me.

For our anniversary dinner F suggested ramen and I nearly suggested he find a new wife. Yuck. We did try to go to a new sushi restaurant, but it wasn’t open yet. I suggested our favourite yakiniku place which was open and nearby, so we went there. We had quite a nice meal. We didn’t overeat as much as we do sometimes. We had one assortment platter and then each picked another type of meat. I had chicken, F some yucky organ stuff. We didn’t share those! It was nice and then we came home.

We watched American Idol at 11. I did more crocheting and I think I have done enough to call my hat finished. I’ll have to start sewing it together tomorrow. My only problem? Which is the right side? They both look good. I’ll still have to do a chain and I’m thinking of putting pom-poms on the ends of the chain so it’ll look cute. Idol was good too. I didn’t agree with the judges much tonight, but it was okay. The good people were very good, the medium people I was a bit “meh” about.

And that was my day. It was nice. We may have a lovely romantic dinner tomorrow night, or we may not. It depends if “our” restaurant is open and if F can get off work early enough! Night.


mama penguin said...

Ramen? For an anniversary dinner? Too funny. Ah...the silliness we have to put up with sometimes.
Glad the evening went well. Happy Anniversary!

Helen said...

Thanks! We had our big dinner on Wednesday, but Ramen would not have gone over with me yesterday!