October 18, 2010

Monday - Sunny and warmish

A nice day. I overslept this morning, but as it is my day off, I really didn’t care that much. When I got up I made the beds with the quilts. It’s been getting colder every night and I think it’s about time to use the quilts. I’ll see how it goes tonight.

I had a quiet afternoon by myself. I did the prep work on dinner. I set up the chicken to marinate in the fridge. I’ve used this lemon-oregano recipe a few times and I really like it.

I watched some of the weekend’s TV and then went out to the post office a little after 4 pm. I had a book mooch to send off. Second one this month! Woot. I came home via the convenience store for a few things.

Back at home, I decided to work on the kohlrabi, so I found an interesting recipe and the got to work. I set everything up so I could just stick it in the oven when F appeared.

It was getting late and I was wondering when my husband would show up. I sent him a text around 7:30 to see if he was okay. He phoned me and said that he’d be another half hour. I asked him to call me when he was about to leave work so I could get things in the oven and the grill.

F got home after 8 pm and when he did, the chicken was already in the fish grill and the kohlrabi when into the oven. I had the coffee set up too, so I pushed the button and he had coffee while he was waiting for dinner.

I think dinner was really good, but who knows if F did. He had to have rice with it, which meant searching for his sprinkles for the top of it. He didn’t start eating for ages after I did.

I loved the chicken and I also really liked the kohlrabi. I had roasted it with some garlic and half an onion and I thought it was nice. I’ll probably try it another way next time.

In the evening we didn’t do much. F did the dishes, and then it was late. He put on the TV and The West Wing was on. He watched something else for a bit and I turned it back when he took his bath. He went to bed around midnight.

It was a quiet evening really. He didn’t get home until late, so we didn’t do anything exciting. Sigh.

That’s it for me. Night.


Sherry said...

How does the book mooch work? I mean I know the basics about the points and such, but if you have a book someone wants do you get an email? What about if you get two requests for it? Who gets it? What about when you request a book.

Helen said...

Yes, if someone wants your book, they'll send you an email through the system (no email addresses are exchanged at this point) asking if you'll send them the book. Bookmooch handles the whole first come, first served thing as far as I know, so you don't have to worry about which person to send it to.

I have my account set up so that I don't have to accept any bookmooch. One of my rules is that if I send overseas, the receiver must also be willing to send overseas. I have refused people who ask me to send them a book that would be tons cheaper where they live if they don't send overseas.

When you request a book, people usually have a week to say if they will send it or not. Honestly, I'm trying to get rid of books more than get new ones so I'm more concerned with sending my books out. I have gotten a few though and they've generally been in good condition and I've received them fairly fast. You can check out people's pages and feedback to see if they are good candidates to mooch from. Lots of cancelations is not a good sign!

Any more questions?

Sherry said...

Thanks that about covers it. :)