January 20, 2011

Thursday - Cold and snowy.

An okay day today. F woke me up again this morning, but he was basically saying goodbye so it wasn’t a big deal today. I slept on for a bit then got up and got on with my day.

I had a bit of a quiet day around the apartment this morning. I showered, made the bed and vegged for a bit.

In the afternoon I had lunch. I heated up my soup and had some of that, plus a few other things with it. Then, I headed out.

There hadn’t been much snow in the daytime when I left, so I didn’t bother clearing F’s parking space. It was still visible. The walk to work wasn’t that nice today as there was quite a strong wind. It wasn’t exactly cold, just hard to see. At one point I looked up and coming towards me was an ominous white cloud. It blocked everything that was behind it. When it reached me I couldn’t see anything for a minute. Horrid.

At my school I grabbed my shovel and scoop and went back into the snow. I cleared the front steps first as that was how my first student usually comes to my school. After that, I went over to the back and cleaned out my space. There was quite a bit of snow, but I got a system going and had it cleaned out fairly quickly. My snow removal took about an hour in total. The bad thing was that some strong wind came up in the middle, so I’d spend a few minutes putting my hood on, and then taking it off again when the wind died down!

I went into my school and got ready. I was set up for the class, but I had other things to do. The student came on time and we had a good lesson. His ride came to get him a bit early, but I let him out and he got his little goodie bag from Canada. I hope he likes it. When the student left I noticed a lot of snow on the path outside my door. Oh no! I peeked outside and sure enough, we’d had another couple of inches of snow. Yikes. In two hours? Not fair.

I did a partial clothes change and then I went outside and shovelled snow. It took a few minutes, but was coming down as fast as I could shovel it. It was a bit like hail too, lots of little hard balls of snow.

Back in my school I made a mad dash to get ready again. I noticed a lot of snow on the floor. The hood of my jacket had caught a lot of the snow and it fell all over the floor of my classroom. Ack.

My student came a few minutes later and we had a good class. She liked the souvenirs that I gave her and we chatted about a few things before getting down to business.

After class I cleaned up, did paperwork and prepped another class for her. I called F a little early but there was no answer. I read some newspapers and then he called me a little later.

He picked me up and we went to Cocos. It wasn’t busy and we had a nice meal. He had some non-alcohol beer and some appetiser things, I had a cheese hamburger steak and salad. Mine was very nice.

We came home tonight and didn’t go to the grocery store. We might cook at home tomorrow night, we haven’t really decided yet. We watched ER and it was good, if a bit sad. Next week though Carter will be back on. Yay! I’m sad that the show is ending, but it’s really nice that the alumni are coming back to “finish” their story lines. I like that.

And that’s about it for me. It’s still snowing I think. I’m getting tired of it. We need a few days of warm weather to melt all this white stuff. Probably won’t happen though. Night.


JY said...

I like snow...just not dealing with it!

Helen said...

I like to look at snow, but I really hate shovelling it! The dealing with it is the worst!

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