March 28, 2011

Monday - Snowy in the morning, clearing at night.

A rude awakening this morning. My cellphone earthquake alarm went off at 7:24 am. Ack! I didn’t even feel it today, but it was quite a strong quake in places.

I went back to bed and slept a little longer. I got up and had an okay morning. I watched some of the weekend’s TV that I’d taped. I saw the big episode of Criminal Minds. Oh my goodness! Ack. So scary and sad. I also watched an episode of CSI: Miami which is just getting more and more stupid. Can’t quite believe I still watch it.

I had some oatmeal for lunch and later on I did a tortilla with some ham and cheese inside. Yum.

I watched the end of Sherlock Holmes and then The Proposal came on. I’d heard how awful it was, and it was. There were odd flashes where it almost worked, but the Sandra Bullock character was supposed to be Canadian, but maybe Canada in the movies is in an alternate reality. F came home in the middle of it, and I ended up cooking dinner, so I lost a bit of the plot. I don’t think I missed too much though.

Dinner tonight was whole wheat pasta with a prepared Japanese style sauce. I added fried sliced onion to the top of the pasta and then the sauce went on top. It was quite nice. We had a bit of salad with it all too. Yum.

I did the dishes tonight as there weren’t that many and F was upset about a work thing. I’m glad that he’s getting transferred, I just hope his new placement is less stressful than his old one. He’s had a horrible time where he is now. One of his co-workers has really made him have a horrid year. In North America F would be able to report him and hopefully get him fired, here, there doesn’t seem to be any form of punishment for insubordination.

We went out after dinner and a whole lot of boxing (yawn) to set the heater in my school and also to buy some eggs. I set my heater and then we headed to the grocery store. We were on our way in when F discovered he hadn’t brought his wallet with him. I said I was going in anyway and I’d buy the groceries. I was only planning to get a few things anyway. I didn’t see the point of him driving home to get his wallet when I have money and only needed a few things. I bought the stuff, we left the store and came home.

We had a fairly quiet evening in. I discovered that Damages was on, so I watched about 3 episodes of that, followed by an episode of That 70’s Show. It was funny.

And that was that. My day. Tomorrow I’m back to work in the late afternoon. I hope it’s a good day, and that there aren’t any more darn earthquakes. Night!

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