April 9, 2011

Saturday - Rainy then clearing.

Oh boy, where do I start?

This morning, things were nice. Hubby was friendly again, we chatted, watched Grey’s Anatomy together and then went out for breakfast. We even went by my school first to turn on the heater. He dropped me off, was as sweet as you please.

I had a good day at school. My students were all on time, we had good classes and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. There are some days when a teacher looks back on their classes and is happy with them…today was that day for me.

After classes I washed the dishes and then called F to come and pick me up.

He did and we went to Hana, a Japanese restaurant near my school. He had sashimi, I had gindara and it was a nice meal. After we ate, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things, then came home to watch a movie. Or so I thought.

I spent a couple of minutes checking email and the groups I moderate. No big deal.

I suggest watching The Hangover, the movie I taped last night. I’ve never seen it, and as far as I know, neither has he. I start the movie, get out my crochet. Hubby’s in the kitchen getting his can of light beer and his snacks, so I stop the tape and rewind it because I don’t like to start the movie without the other person (and I can’t hear well with background noises).

He opens the can, I restart the movie. He drinks and then burps. I look at him and all hell breaks loose. He accused me of giving him a dirty look and then he stormed off saying that he didn’t want to see my face any more. Well, that was a lovely way to kill the mood. I stopped the movie again, switched to today’s Criminal Minds and then watched other stuff on TV. I’ve actually had a nice evening alone, but that wasn’t the point. I honestly don’t know what has gotten into him these days.

I spent a good few minutes checking out the price of local hotels and flights back to Canada, but hopefully he’ll smarten up in the morning. If not, then I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I’m more than a little tired of his behaviour this week. I’m not blameless, but I’m not going to take all the blame for whatever is eating him. Night.


Orchid64 said...

I'm sorry that things are not going so well for you lately, and I hope they get better soon!

It's stressful enough being in Japan these days without added tension.

Helen said...

Thanks Orchid! I don't know what's going on with us at the moment. Hopefully it'll get better soon.