May 15, 2012

Tuesday - Rainy

An odd day.

I got up a little late this morning.  Sad to say that I had stomach troubles again, so I just took things a little slowly and was quite careful with what I ate.

I left for school around 2 pm and made good time, even though it was raining.  I set up in the school, turned on the heater and got ready for my class.  My classes went well today, happily. 

Afterwards, I did some paperwork and read the newspapers.  After a while I called F and he came to pick me up.  

He wasn’t feeling well tonight either, so we just came home instead of going out. 

F put on The Langoliers again, thankfully not from the very beginning, but I was a tad annoyed. However, he did ask me if there was anything on that I wanted to see, and there wasn’t, so I shouldn’t complain too much! 

I made myself some pasta and and it was small but nice.  I think F made himself something too.  We watched a bit of TV and at 11 I did a couple of rows of crochet while I was watching Criminal Minds.  It was so relaxing!

Anyway, that’s it for my day.  I’m off to get some sleep soon.  Night!

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