July 14, 2012

Saturday - Cloudy and a bit rainy, rain and thunder at night

An okay day.

I got up this morning at 9-ish, which surprised me!  Still it was a good thing. I showered and came back into the living room.  F was sitting on the couch playing on his computer and I was very surprised.  He doesn’t believe in turning on lights for himself, which just bugs me!

We had a nice brunch in Gusto and then F dropped me off at my school.  I got ready for my student and when she came we had a really good class.  Yay.  Afterwards, I quickly changed back to my civvies and then called F. 

He arrived a couple of minutes before the guys who were doing the work on my school today.  The apartment company installed some security devices in my apartment today, and we had to be there while it was going on.  They were quite nice and worked fast, but it was still a bit of a pain for us to be there.  Still, they worked fast and we were done before 4.

We went and had some tea and a doughnut in Mr Donut and then came home for a while.  I took a nap because I was tired.  
We went out a bit later for dinner to the tonkatsu place. It was crowded tonight but we got a table fairly quickly.  Unfortunately, our dinner wasn’t that great.  F asked me if I wanted to get the free refills on anything but I said now.  Free refills of “meh” food is still “meh”.  I was disappointed to be honest.

We came home and I watched a bit of TV but F went to bed fairly early. I have stayed up very late again, but I’ll probably go to bed soon.  It is raining cats and dogs outside now. I hope that it stops tomorrow as F would like to fishing in the evening.  It would be a good thing for us to do something together as well.  
That’s it for me. Night.

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