July 7, 2012

Saturday - Cloudy with some rain, some afternoon sun


A good day. I overslept a little in the morning, but since I wasn’t having to leave as early as usual it was okay.  I showered and then got dressed.  

F and I had brunch at Grado today and it was really nice.  We both had beef rolls with veggies inside. We had different soups and bread and rice. After that, F dropped me off at my school and I got very busy.  I cleaned the bathroom and then took the foam insulation off the window. Thankfully I had used good tape this time when I fixed it up, so the tape came off the window frame easily. Yay.  When I finished the cleaning portion of the day, I read the newspaper and got ready for my class.

My student was a couple of minutes late today, but she came. Yes!  We had a good class and had some good discussions too.  After her class I sent her on her way and I did my paperwork.  After that, I called F and asked him to pick me up.

He came to get me and after a brief stop at home, we went to the theatre.  We bought our tickets and then went to have dinner.  We had quite a nice dinner, but as always, F ate so fast. I kept telling him that we had oodles of time before the movie, but he ate his noodles so fast.  

We went to see Bridesmaids and what a hoot.  We both really enjoyed it.  I wasn’t sure that F would like it because I knew it was a “chick-flick” but it was really funny and somehow smart about the characters too.  

After the movie, we came home.  I watched a bit of TV, but poor F wasn’t feeling too well, so he went to bed early on.  I hope he’s okay. He was complaining about a headache.  I think he carries on a bit too much, but what do I know?

Anyway, tomorrow I think we’ll pick up my new glasses and I’m not sure what else we’ll do.  Come on back tomorrow night and find out. Night.

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