August 4, 2012

Saturday - Hot and sunny…again…

A good day.  F and I came back from Gusto a little while ago.  We were a bit hungry as we didn’t eat a proper dinner so we took ourselves out for a little snack.

I’m ahead of myself. This morning at Cocos where we brunched, I noticed that my watch was dead.  The battery had stopped and I had only my cellphone to tell me the time.  F and I decided to take my cell to the repair shop after my class.

I had a good class with my student, she even brought me a souvenir from her holiday today, so that was nice.  We talked about free time activities today.

After her class, I got busy. I did a load of the towels at the school, I prepped a few classes, I read the newspaper and then I called f and asked him to come and get me.  

We took my watch into the shop in the mall to get it fixed, then had a drink in Doutors.  After that, we were deciding about dinner when F asked me if I’d like to go to karaoke.  Tonight, I wanted to go.  

We had a great time at karaoke, we sang for hours, and had a bit of food, but not too much.  We came home afterwards and I watched most of my Saturday night TV.  F watched most of it too, but in the breaks I let him watch some of the Olympics.  

Around 1:40 we decided to go out for a late night snack, then came home and are watching the Olympics full on.  I’m enjoying them but I’m really not a huge sports fan.  

So that was my day.  It turned out quite well, much better than I expected it to be.  That’s it for me.  Night.  

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