October 31, 2012

Wednesday - Some rain…didn’t go out.

Happy Halloween!

Had an okay day today. I got up on time, but couldn’t stay awake.  I was trying to watch Gilmore Girls, but slept through bits of it.  I napped after the programme and only woke up a little before 11.  Yikes.

I got on my computer and did my usual stuff.  There wasn’t much to watch on TV today, which was good. I did a lot of my column. I finished it, and wrote my area report.  I saved them both and will review them tomorrow before I send them off.  

I had a very quiet day at home. I didn’t go out, and didn’t really do a whole lot besides my writing.

In the evening, F came home and said that he’d like dinner fairly soon.  I had to kick it into high gear though.  We had steamed broccoli, couscous, salad and salmon meuniere.  It was all very nice.  

We had a quiet evening in.  I watched a few things on TV and enjoyed them, F watched his computer and then his cell phone.  I’m worrying about that.

We tried to find a hotel in Sendai this weekend, but they were all booked up.  I don’t work on Saturday for a change, but it is a national holiday, so we were thinking about going away.  Not to be.  Sigh.  Of course if we’d looked a week or two ago like I wanted to and was hinting about it might have worked out.  

Anyway, the TV is off and I’m about to take some medicine.  My nose is quite stuffed up and I’ve coughed a lot today. Sigh.  Was hoping that wouldn’t happen, should have known better.  Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll do.  I should do things like polish my columns and wrap my sister’s gifts and then send them, but who knows if I’ll get around to it or not.  Wish me luck with all that.  Night!

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