April 12, 2013

Friday - Rainy and Cold

An interesting day!

I got up and showered this morning and then settled in to watch Ghost Whisperer.  I had a nice relaxing time this morning.  F called before 12 to see if I'd like to either go out for lunch or have him bring a bento. I said no, that I would cook at home.

I'm getting ready for work, washing dishes around 2:00 pm and F walks in the door.  He'd taken the day off work.  He made himself some ramen and then drove me to work.  

I had a good class today. I did a bit of extra prep before my student came and it paid off.  We ended the class by singing a song that was quite good for today's lesson.  I don't usually do songs with adults, but it worked!

After the class, I did more lesson prep and paperwork.  I called my husband after 6 and he picked me up.  We had dinner and then went to the internet cafe club.  Tonight we planned to just go for half an hour, but ended up still being there almost 3 hours later!  We each got a massaging chair and just vegged.  It was heavenly!

We came home via a convenience store and settled in to watch a bit of TV.  I ended up watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 which was just as awful as I thought it would be.  I watched it for my niece and because I just didn't quite believe how dull it would be.  I'm not sure if it was worse than the book or not.  

And that was my day.  The massaging chair was wonderful. I could have slept in it quite easily.  I'd love to get one, but they are so expensive!  Anyway, I'm done for now.  Got to go. Night!


Rosa said...

I can't even imagine how terrible the Twilight movies are! I got roped by my niece into reading the first book and it was pure torture. She loved it though! I guess I should just be glad she reads.

Man, I miss the strangeness of Japanese internet cafes!

Helen said...

I read all of the books (hangs head in shame) and they were just awful. Every single time it seemed like something interesting might happen...werewolves killing vampires, vampire rumble...it basically got talked out. Boring! The movies are pretty much like that. It's bad when Taylor Lautner's abs are the best part of the film!

I feel the same way about the books and my niece. At least she reads. I hope one day she'll move on to something good! Soon I hope.

This Internet cafe is sort of a play area for adults. They have massaging chairs, internet darts, pool tables, karaoke booths, and movie watching areas. For us last night it was quite reasonable...3 hours for 1000 yen per person, including drink bar. It was fun!

Thanks for visiting :-)