April 17, 2013

Wednesday - Rainy and cloudy

Not a great day.

I got up a tad late, but it was so dark outside and in that it seemed like night.  Weather wasn't good at all.

I had some toast and yogurt, watched my shows, basically chilled out until F called to see if he could come home for lunch.  I told him it was fine, even though it really wasn't.  I asked him to get me a bento too, and he picked up some weird vegetable and pork one that I didn't really like.  He did bring some fried chicken too and that was okay. He stayed and then left before 1 to get back to work on time.

I had a quiet afternoon.  I washed the dishes, I even vacuumed.  I took a nap on the couch.  F called around 6:30 to say he'd be late and then he was late. He didn't get home until nearly 8.

We went out for dinner and as we were driving, a car slowed in front of us to turn.  I thought we were getting too close and I inhaled noisily, sucking breath you might say.  F said it was okay, and I said it wasn't, that I thought he was driving too fast and getting too close.  Well, of course, since I dared to question/criticize him I was in the doghouse.  We arrived at the restaurant, but instead of parking, he drove up to the door and made to drop me off.  I refused to get out of the car.  
He drove back to a ramen shop and went inside.  I wasn't invited.  I sat in the car for about 20 minutes while he stuffed his face.  There was an earthquake too, while I was there.  I felt the car move and thought it might be a train, but a few seconds later my cell phone's alarm went off.  

I wasn't please at F, and complained.  I'm not allowed to eat either?  So, he took me back to the first restaurant and parked.  He went in with me, even though he wouldn't eat or drink anything.  

After my dinner we stopped at a convenience store and mailed off some books to a friend in the south of Japan, then F tried to go to the drugstore, but couldn't as it was closed.  Then, he went into the grocery store. I couldn't be bothered. I just asked him to buy some butter for us. 

The rest of the night at home was fairly quiet.  He watched a news program that was interesting and didn't seem to mind when I asked if I could change the station for my stuff.  

Anyway, I'm hoping that things will be okay over the next few days as we have a trip coming up and I don't need a cranky husband along for the ride.  Tomorrow I have to send off a few postcards and start getting ready for my trip.  I have to go.  Night.

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