May 7, 2013

Tuesday - Rainy, rainy, and cold

I had a busy morning at home today. I got up, showered and then counted my coins.  I had rather a lot, so during Ghost Whisperer I put them in plastic holders and after the show I toddled off on my bike to the post office to deposit them.  It took a while and I felt sorry for the clerk, but I had over ¥25,000 yen worth of coins.  Woot.  

When I arrived home I saw F's car in the parking space so I just kept going.  I ended up in the park where I ate a sandwich I had bought earlier.  I also walked over to check out my favourite musical sculpture.  It still makes lovely music, but at the end of the piece, the recording sounds like it is going to die.

I biked home and the car was gone.  I went in.  I ate the rest of my brunch and then made some lunch.  I ate, washed up the dishes and headed off to work.  

At my school I did some dusting and sweeping, things that were sorely needed.  Just before 5 I hear my cell phone and it was my student.  She said that she wanted to come, but wouldn't be able to come until the very end of class.  She did come, with 6 minutes to spare!  We chatted a little, did some business and checked our schedules for the rest of the month.  

After she left I did paperwork and filing, filled up a box with some toys for F's workplace and then decided to leave.  

I biked to Gusto and had a nice, quiet and peaceful dinner by myself.  How wonderful not to argue about food.  It was even better than the meal really!

Dinner being eaten, I biked home.  I wore my rain cape, but it didn't really rain that much.  At home, I came into the apartment and then into the living room.  The TV was blaring away and F was lying in bed.  I went to my computer and opened that up, while I changed the channel on the TV to something I wanted to watch.  F got up and I think he made himself something to eat, I'm not really sure.  I paid no attention to him.  He took his bath and went to bed. 

I had a nice quiet evening. I really enjoyed it actually.  I got an email from a friend in the next city asking me to lunch tomorrow so I will have lunch plans.  I'm very glad about that.  I'll look forward to seeing her and to going out. Yay. 

That's it for me.  Night.

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