Postcrossing - Incoming to April 24, 2013

To April 24th, 2013

I'm a bit late in getting these group of cards posted, but it has been busy around here.  I had a trip away and now it is the big yearly holiday in Japan, Golden Week.

This was a very Black and White grouping, with 4 of the cards being black and white.  Have a look, would love to hear comments below. Remember to click on the cards to see a bigger version of them.

Anemone sent this fun card from Finland and wrote that she was becoming a grandmother any day.  By now, she probably is!

like father, like son

This is a "1st" card!  My first card from Bulgaria.  Woot.  It was sent by an 8 year old boy (but I think his mother probably wrote it!) who likes playing basketball, football and swimming.  He has a younger sister too, she is 1 year old and very cute.  He wishes that I will visit his beautiful country one day.  

The temperature there at the time of writing was 16 degrees and cloudy. Thank you so much!

Alla sent this card from Russia.  She writes that she hopes I enjoy the card about winemaking as it is from France.  She travels a lot, but hasn't been to Japan. It is her dream that she hopes will materialize. 

She loves movies very much, and can even see 3-5 films a day.  She wrote that it was difficult for her to list all the films she likes because there are too many.  One she likes is Knocking on Heaven's Door.
Le Vin
Alla used a couple of lovely stamps on the card as well.  I love the theatre one but they are both great!

Next up is another Russian card, this time sent by Dzhulema.  She writes that this postcard is an illustration by Mika Golts, a famous Russian painter to a fairy tale children's book by Charles Pierrot.

She also writes that her favourite movies are Sovietie from her childhood.  She also likes Hollywood black and white movies.  She wishes me a happy Postcrossing too.
Thanks for an interesting card!

Nadine sent this card from Germany.  She says that she lives in a city near Cologne.  

She writes that her favourite movies are Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Her favourite ice-hockey team (Cologne Sharks) are in the finals!

She finishes by wishing me a happy life.  Thanks Nadine!

So, there you are, five cool cards and a couple of interesting stamps.  

Comments welcome below.  Which of these cards do you like best?  Until next time!

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