June 1, 2013

Saturday - Sunny and warm

A good day. I slept in a little late this morning, but still early enough to watch The Gilmore Girls.  Yay.

F and I had a late lunch at Patio in the mall.  I had their hamburger. It was okay, but I prefer beef burgers personally.

After lunch, we went over to LeoPalace and talked to them about my apartment.  Things were okay, but they needed me to hanko a form for them.  We took the hanko and F took me to my school.  I hankoed the form and then he took it off. I got on with some cleaning out of old papers.  He came back a little later because I hadn't stamped it twice.  Bah!

He ended up coming back to the school a third time, which meant that I didn't really get all that much done.  I did a little so I guess that is a good thing.  

F and I left my school around 6:30 and went to a hundred yen shop for a few things.  Then, we went to Machi-kine to see Oblivion, the new Tom Cruise movie.  It was okay.  I had an idea about the story so I wasn't really surprised.  However, as usual with me and Tom Cruise films, I enjoyed it. 

After the movie, F and I went to Cocos Ichibanya for some curry.  I had chicken cutlet with Genovase sauce.  It was good!

After dinner we came home and had a quiet evening in.  At my school today, I had found an old ball of yarn that is very close to one of the colours of my pillow cover, so I will use that to close the pillow cover.  I tried with what I have and came up short.  This will help a lot!

Anyway, it is late now and I am tired.  I'll try and chat at you tomorrow.  Night!

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