June 7, 2013

Friday - Rainy in the morning, cloudy for the rest of the day

I'm doing something a little odd.  I'm watching videos from the 1970s.  They mysteriously appeared on our DVR.  F thought he was recording Top Gear, but instead he got something like Top of the Pops best hits!  There are some amazing groups on the show…and for me, the best bit was a snippet from Blake's 7.  I nearly screamed when I saw it.  My poor hubby thinks I'm crazy.  He may be right!

Anyway…I had a quiet morning at home today.  I watched a bit of TV…today it was a Mythbusters retrospective.  That was cool.  Wish I could watch them all the time!

I set off in the early afternoon. I stopped at Marumatsu for lunch, then went on to my school.  I got busy, and got quite a lot done.  I repacked some boxes better, and taped up some of the other ones.  I have a few in the doorway now for F to pick up tomorrow.  

I took some breaks because I was tired and did a bit of reading.  I'm reading a Jennifer Weiner book at the moment, Then Came You.  I'm enjoying it. 

F didn't call me until 6 pm.  He was back from Yamagata and the doctor's office in Tsuruoka too.  I told him I'd finish what I was doing, and then come home by myself.  

I got home a bit after 7 and after a bit of discussion, we decided to go to Cocos for dinner.  We did that and it was okay.  No problems.  

We came home and F started to watch some of his DVR'd stuff and we found the music videos.  Some are great and hold up…right now though I'm watching some punk stuff and I just don't get it at all.  C'est la vie!

Anyway, tomorrow may be a busy day.  We're both up late tonight which isn't really good as we tend to get cranky when we don't get enough sleep.  

That's it for me for tonight.  I'll chat tomorrow night if I can.  Night!

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Shonan LOvE said...

Hi, hope you're well. It sounds like you're getting rid of your school?