July 1, 2013

Monday - Happy Canada Day! - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up fairly early but ended up napping on the couch.  I had just got myself over to my computer when I heard the door open and F came in.  He'd just popped home for a second and brought me an iced tea drink, so I was happy to see him!

A few minutes later he called and asked if I'd like him to bring me something for lunch.  I said yes because I wasn't sure what I'd eat if he didn't!  When he came home he brought some yakisoba and some chicken cutlets for me.  Yum.  He had fish.  

He went back to his office after lunch and I got on with my day.  I had showered before he arrived, so I decided to write a couple of cards for postcrossing.  I sent cards off to Latvia and Hong Kong today.  After I wrote and scanned them, I rode off to the post office and popped them in the box.  

Back home, it was getting close to F's finishing work time, so I got the table ready.  We were having a make your own sandwiches night.  I sliced some of F's lovely bread, got out the butter and the cheese to warm up, set the table and generally made things ready.  

When F came home he changed and then we ate.  We had ham and cheese sandwiches with tomatoes and lettuce and our choice of mustard, mayo or salad dressing.  It was really nice.  F for some reason had thought that I was going to make all the sandwiches.  Er, no. Half the fun is making your own!

Then, we went out, after dosing ourselves with insect repellent.  We drove to the Yutagawa Onsen area, parked and then walked back to the area where we'd seen the fireflies before.  We had to wait a while as it was quite light for a while, but finally we saw some of the fireflies.  They were lovely.  It was really amazing to see the lonely little bugs light up.  We didn't see that many, it wasn't as good as the last time we went, but whether that was because of the time of day we went or the we were too late in the season, I'm not sure.  

After we'd been out for a while, and been bitten to pieces, we headed back to the car.  It was a nice walk, a bit humid, but nice.  We drove back to Tsuruoka and got some bug bite cream at a drug store as F got bitten rather badly in places.  Me too, but I haven't really found out where yet.  

We went to McDonalds for a drink or a shake. It was nice, except I did this thing where I said I'd have a yogurt shake as that was the new type they had, but then F told me they didn't have any, they only had chocolate and strawberry.  Huh?  Then, after I changed my drink, he ordered a yogurt shake.  Apparently, he didn't say they -didn't- have any, he said they -also - have the other shakes, but I didn't hear it right.  Sure.  Fine.  Whatever.  Anyway, with my lactose intolerance it was probably better not to have one anyway. 

We came home and had a relaxing evening.  We watched About A Boy and then Law and Order.  I did a couple of rows of crochet.  F set up the bread maker for the morning.  He's become a real bread person lately.  He bemoans when we run out of something and keeps trying new things!

Well, that's it.  It was a neat day really.  The fireflies were very cool.  Too bad Nathan Fillion wasn't around to say hi though.  Night!


Rosa said...

I was wondering if you'd ever get to see your fireflies! You know, I've never seen one in my whole life--and I'm not sure I'd risk getting eaten by mosquitoes. The JP mozzies are brutal.

Happy Canada Day! ;)

Helen said...

Thank you! It was a nice day. I have a couple of good bites, but F had a big one on his forehead last night. I wasn't awake when he left, so I'm not sure how it is now.

Fireflies are very cool. I think I once saw ONE in Canada, but going to some of the places here is quite magical.

However, the mosquitoes....not very nice!