July 18, 2013

Thursday - Rain, and more rain

An interesting day.

I got up this morning at a goodly time, showered and dressed fairly early too. I was going out.  I watched a couple of shows first and then I was out the door before 11:30.  I rode my bike to the mall, but just before the mall, when I was crossing a scary street, my phone rang.  It was F, offering to help me get to the station.  Of course, it took a while to find my phone, call him back, wait for him to hang up and phone me back, so I wasn't too happy with him.  Did I mention it was raining a bit too? Told him I didn't need help, parked my bike at the mall and went in.  

I bought a hostess gift in the mall and then continued on foot to the station.  I saw a sign up in Japanese in the station, but ignored it as usual!  I bought my ticket, went over to the platform and waited.  About the time the train was due, a young woman came out of an office, and walked towards me, upstairs and downstairs, only to tell me that the trains weren't running due to flooding. Oh no!  What to do?  

I phoned my ex-student, she said she'd still like to see me if there was a way.  So, I asked and it seemed that JR had rented a taxi-van/bus to take passengers to Sakata.  So, I went by that.  It left just after I got on, and took about an hour to get to Sakata Station.  

I called my ex-student and a few minutes later she picked me up.  We drove back to her house and I met the whole gang.  Yes, the simple lunch for two had somehow become lunch for 6.  To be fair, she had never said it was just us, I had assumed it would be though.  We had some very nice food, lots of tea, and then it was time to go.  One of the attendees drove me back to Tsuruoka and we were both a bit shocked at how deep the water was in the rivers.  

In the mall I had a glass of iced tea and started my new book.  I finally got into Life of Pi and really loved the way Martell uses language.  I hope I enjoy it all the way through the novel. 

I came home by bike. It was drizzling, but not terrible.  I arrived home a few minutes before F finished work.  He came home and immediately wanted to go out.  I wasn't feeling well, and since I just got home, really didn't want to go out again. I sent him off on his own, finished my TV program and had a mini-lie down.
He came back a couple of hours later, but I still didn't want to go out.  He settled in to do some work and I decided to raid the kitchen.  I found some pasta and some sauce, so I made it up for us.  We didn't have any salad like usual, but we did have some cheese cream pasta, and I sprinkled a bit of my Italian parmesan cheese on top.  Yummy.

I did the dishes and have had a really quiet evening at home with F.  He's been going great guns on whatever he is doing and in fact is still doing it.  It is after 3 and he's still up. I'm a tad worried, but I can't talk to him when he's in this mode.  He just shuts me down.  

I did a little crochet tonight, and I might do some tomorrow too.  I'm very close to finishing my blanket.  Yay.  That's it for me.  I've got to go.  Night!

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