July 28, 2013

Sunday - Some rain, some sun, couldn't make up it's mind

A better day, eventually.

I went to bed early for me last night, but F wasn't having a good night and because he was angry at me, wasn't afraid to share.  He tossed and turned for hours and every time I'd fall asleep he'd wake me up.  Then in the morning he was super noisy just for spite.  He got up at 6:30 and made bread, then left the apartment.  I got a bit more sleep but didn't sleep that well.  

When he came back, he yelled at me and was really nasty for a long time.  I was also less than nice and said some pretty bad things.  Around 12 though, things started to get better.  F decided to help me with my project after all.

We went to a gyudon shop for lunch and then to the hotel to talk to them.  We had a good and informative meeting.  I think it went well.  It was a good thing that I checked the dates that F gave the woman…he was talking about the wrong year.  Oh dear heavens!  

After the meeting I took him for a glass of tea and a little chat.  Things were much better by this time.  When we finished our drinks we left the mall and F took me for a drive.  We went out to Chokai no Mori to look at the view. It was beautiful, and the sun was setting.  

We drove back to Tsuruoka and thought about dinner.  We tried to go to our favourite restaurant, but it was closed, then thought of somewhere else, but finally ended up at Sabai, the Thai restaurant.  We had some nice food, and then left.

We went to the grocery store and then came home.  It's been okay between us, but things aren't great yet.  He's asked that I go to bed earlier tonight and it really irks me.  I'm not 12, and I have no reason to get up in the morning.  

Anyway…to keep the peace I'm going to try to go to bed earlier tonight.  So, I'll bid you all, "Good Night!"

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