June 30, 2013

Sunday - Warm and sunny

Today was an odd day.  It really was.

F went over to his mother's house this morning to do some work in the garden.  He'd asked me to call him when I got up so that he would have an excuse to leave if he wanted to.  No problem.  

I got up, called him, but he said he was already on his way home.

At home, he fed me some of his bread that he made. It was good. He keeps finding these interesting recipes on the net! We couldn't really get our stuff sorted out and it was quite late when we decided to leave.  We wanted to see a 5:40 movie, but needed to eat lunch first.  

We decided to have lunch at the mall, and left our apartment around 3.  It would give us lots and lots of time really.  We got to the mall.  F checked his wallet, but couldn't find it.  He asked me to wait a minute and he'd check the car.  He did.  No wallet.  He decided to drive home and look at home.  I was afraid that he'd decide not to come back to the mall, so I came home too.  He searched.  No wallet.
He called his mother, no wallet.  He went over to the grocery store as he'd bought stuff there this morning.  No wallet.  Then, he had a brainwave.  He looked in the glove compartment.  There it was.  

By this time it was almost 5:00pm and I thought he wouldn't want to go back to the mall.  I was wrong.  

We drove back to the mall, got the tickets for the movie, and then got something to eat.  F had ramen and I had a crepe with tuna and pizza toppings on it.  It was good in an odd way.  We went to see Gambit which was okay but not great.  Really not great.  It did have Colin Firth so I was happy, but I wouldn't recommend it to non-fans.  Unless they liked Alan Rickman, and even then….

After the movie we had a drink in Seattle's Best, but F left twice during our drinking time.  It was so annoying.  We had dinner in a Cocos behind the mall, and it was okay. Nothing special really. 

We came home via some blooming long way that F wanted to check out for bugs.  He didn't bother to tell me that was what he was doing until we were halfway there.  Sigh.  After that, the grocery store. We're going to try and go out tomorrow night after he finishes work and see if we can see the fireflies.

We came home and had kind of a frustrating evening together.  I asked him to help me with some financial stuff that we've been trying to fix all year, but it was too late at night to do it.  Still, we started it and I think that is good.  

He's set up the bread maker again for tomorrow, as I asked for some normal bread for sandwiches.  He likes making bread! 

Anyway, that's it for now.  I hope to talk to you tomorrow.  Night!  


Mieko said...

Yuki and I also went to see a movie though it was a Japanaese movie last night. While we were watching the movie we had dinner. It was rice balls.Not so bad. We had a big lunch on the day.

Helen said...

We had a lot of popcorn and no real lunch! The popcorn was cheap, and quite nice :-)

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