Postcrossing Incoming to July 12

To July 12, 2013

I'm back with six great cards and a very cool stamp.  After you have a look at these cards, please feel free to drop me a line and tell me which is your favourite.  I'd love to hear from you.  Remember that you can click on the cards to enlarge them.

Isdela sent this card from Taiwan, with a story. She said that the front has a proverb on it.  It is about a child turning 16.  His grandma will make lots of red tortoise cakes for her grandchild.  But, there are too many cakes, so they have to be given  to neighbours and friends.  The point is that there are too many cakes and no one wants them anymore.

Marina sends her greetings from Russia and hopes I enjoy  her card. She writes that she likes Vivien Leigh, she's a wonderful and very beautiful retro actress.

Vivien Leigh

This card comes from Turkey. The sender advised me to put a reminder on my agenda to visit Izuir as it is a beautiful city.

Pythagora wrote that he is a retired math teacher living in Mainz, Germany.  He points out that it is the hometown of Gutenberg, the man who invented movable type printing. The card shows one of the Bibles that he printed.

 Michi sent this card from Switzerland.  She writes that this food is more a dessert than a meal, but she likes it and it is a famous Zurich treat. It is called Luxemburgerli but is actually just a small macaroon.  She said it is super delicious!
She also used a couple of interesting stamps. I apologize for the bottom stamp not being completely clear, but it is a moving stamp!  I think they are playing the Pass It On game.  The first person whispers to the second, then the second to the third, and so on. On the stamp you can see the people move! So cool!

My last card today comes from France.  The sender thinks it is a funny card, but enjoys eating salads and vegetables too.

There you have them all.  My beautiful cards.  Which one/s do YOU like?

Until next time....


Rosa said...

That's a cool stamp! But I think my favorite is the card from Taiwan. That's a really interesting proverb, don't you think?

And, boy, I'm sure you put Izuir on your bucket list! ;)

Helen said...

I think the proverb is cool too!

I'd actually love to go to Turkey. I have a good friend who lives in Istanbul, but right now I think I'll wait a bit on that! Izuir...maybe when I win the lottery :-)

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

The salad card is very nice. The moving stamp is pretty cool, too.

Helen said...

The Salad card is quite popular on Postcrossing...It's already received 11 favourites! I like it too :-)

Thanks for visiting!