August 18, 2013

Sunday - Hot, mostly sunny

A good day.

We both went to bed last night after daylight came up, so I think we both slept a bit late.  F was up before me of course, but even I got up at an almost civilized time.  

We had lunch at Kintaro Sushi. It was busy today, probably as a last hurrah of O-bon.  I'll be glad when people go home!

After lunch, we went to the Chido Museum.  The display we saw wasn't that interesting for me, but F seemed to like it, even though he'd already seen it.  He took his mother a few weeks ago.  

We drove down to the Komagihara market to have a drink and later an ice cream cone.  That was rather nice.  We looked at veggies too, but that late in the day there wasn't much left, plus it would have to sit in a hot car until we went home.  Not a good idea really.

We drove to the Machi-kine theatre and went to see Star Trek Into Darkness in 3-D!  I was delighted to see that the film was being shown in English with Japanese subtitles, even in 3-D.  The norm lately is to show it in Japanese in 3-D and then the 2-D in English.  I don't care a lot about 3-D in all honesty, but it was cool in this film.  I loved the movie.  You know me…I'm a Trek fan and a Benedict Cumberbatch fan, so I enjoyed it tremendously.  

We had dinner after the movie in Bikkuri Donkey, then bought groceries for tomorrow's dinner.  I'm going to do garlic pork I think, with a biggish salad.  

We came home and I watched a bit of TV while F made bread for the morning and played with his computer.  I also did up 3 postcrossings as a few of mine have either expired or arrived.  I'll likely have to do more soon.  

That's really about it for today.  It turned out to be a pretty good weekend.  Hurray for that.  Night!

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