September 2, 2013

Monday - Rainy, cloudy and a bit humid

An okay day.  

In the morning I was ignored for a long time until I finally got him talking to me.  We went out for a late lunch to the Internet Cafe.  I watched a couple of movies (well, one and a half of one), had fried chicken for lunch (at 500 yen, not a bad price) and read a couple of newspapers.  

We left around six and drove out to Sakata.  We were hoping to find a toy for my nephew there, but the store was out of them.  We had our dinner there in the mall.  F had ramen of course, but I got to have Subway!  Yay!!!  I had a spicy tandori chicken sandwich and it was sooo good!  

After that, we headed to Mikawa mall to look for the same toy, but no luck there either.  F did buy himself some socks though.  A good thing as many of his socks now have built in air conditioning!

We came home and had a quiet evening.  I watched some TV and so did F, he went to bed a little bit early and I'm up. I'll go to bed earlier than last night though.

Really that's about it for today.  It wasn't a day with a good start, but ended okay.  Tomorrow, F is back to work and I am going to make soup.  Wish me luck with that!   Night!

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