September 7, 2013

Saturday - Cloudy then rainy

A good day.  I got up a bit late as I didn't go to bed until very, very late last night.  Or early this morning if you prefer.

I checked email and then went back to bed for a while.  When I got up again, I cleaned up the tatami room.  I have been asking F to help me clean it up so that there is a path to the closets.  He always said he would, but of course, never did.  I re-arranged a lot of things in the room and made a path.  I also discovered that although my stuff was in the way, he was the worst offender.  He had tons of junk just sitting in the room.  I got some of it ready to toss, others I just shoved into a corner for him to deal with later.  

I took a shower and then he did too.  We spent ages trying to agree on a place for lunch, finally decided to go to the Komagihara restaurant again.  We didn't have the buffet, we ordered from their menu.  It wasn't bad, I just didn't want Japanese food today.  

We hacked around the shop area, didn't buy anything, then headed over to the geeky toy store.  We weren't able to find what we wanted exactly, but we did get something.  Afterwards, F wasn't feeling that well, so I suggested coming home for a while.  When we did, F took a nap, and after a while, I did too.

We got up later, drove to Mikawa Mall, had a quick and not nutritious dinner, then went to see Man of Steel.  I liked it, with reservations.  I didn't think that the film was as good as it could have been, but I did think that Henry Cavill made a good Kal-El. I'll be interested to see what else they do with the story.  

We came home afterwards and F set up the bread maker and then went to bed fairly soon afterwards.   The weather at the moment is playing havoc with his back.  I am glad for the coolness, not so happy about the humidity.  

Anyway, that was my day.  I am going to try to get to bed fairly soon.  I need some sleep.  Got to go.  Night!

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