November 11, 2013

Monday - Rain and SNOW!  Bleck

A better day.

I got up quite early today, well for me anyway!  I vegged for a bit, took a shower and had my brunch.  

In the afternoon I wrote a few postcards and then scanned them.  I was deciding whether to go to the post office or not when I looked outside and saw something that looked suspiciously like snow.  OMG.  

I biked to the post office, going very carefully as it was both dark and snowy out.  I managed to make it there and back.  Whew.  

When I came home, I was cold and wet.  Yuck.  

F came home late tonight, around 7:00 I think.  We talked a bit. He wasn't in good shape, his back doesn't like this weather at all.  Still, we were talking and that was a big thing.  

I suggested going for dinner and we went to Bikkuri Donkey.  I had a salad with burger or vice versa.  It came with miso soup and I ordered some fries to share.  F had a spicy curry plate, which was not too good for him. It bothered him for the rest of the evening.  

We bought some groceries tonight to make nabe for dinner tomorrow.  F wanted to make it an oyster nabe, completely (on purpose?) forgetting that I don't eat shellfish. He did buy some oysters, but we also bought some balls of chicken to put in it for me.

He watched some boxing which happily finished before my show came on at 11.  When it did, I went over to the chesterfield and did some crochet.  I worked on my shrug tonight.  It is so pretty. I'm seriously thinking of making it a convertible shrug.  If I put some buttons in the right place, I could use it as a lap blanket too.  Possibly.  Of course, I'd have to figure out where to put the buttons and make button-holes.  That might be fun!

Tomorrow it depends what the weather is like. I'm hoping the rain and the snow will burn off and I'll be able to get out and do a little Christmas or other shopping.  Wish me luck with that!  Got to go.  Night.

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