December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Tuesday - Clear and Warm, Thunder, Lightning & Rain

A surprisingly good day!

Last night I went to bed with a new resolve.  I decided when I got up I would suggest ordering in sushi for dinner like we tried to do last year.  We did that, and it seemed to make a big difference for how the rest of the day went.  

We had a relaxing day around the apartment and then went out for a few grocery items.  We were originally going to have lunch too, but F got a bit snarky about restaurants, so I went for grocery store food instead.  I got some roast beef and some bagels.  

Came home, I had a few bites and then a little later our sushi arrived.  We had sushi and soup for dinner and it was good.  

We watched The Shawshank Redemption on TV tonight and it was a lovely evening.  We enjoyed the movie, even though we've seen it a few times. It is such a good one.  

After the movie, we got ready to go out and walked to Tsuruoka Park and went to the Shrine for our Hatsumode.  We had taken umbrellas with us and it was a good thing as it started to rain while we were in line.  We got up to the front of the line, did our little prayer and money throw, and then left.  We went back via the road, but on the way home, we saw another shrine in the corner of the park.  We've walked past it before but have never gone in.  Well, tonight it was lit up and we decided to visit.  It was cool.  There were a lot of small red torii on the way to the temple and it turned out to be a very nice, quiet little shrine.  

We came home again in the rain and relaxed for a while.  F just plied me with a glass of wine and some soba, so I'm starting to get a bit sleepy!  

Tomorrow, I'm not sure what will happen. I know that F has to visit his mother and take her out to his father's grave.  I'm really okay with just relaxing and having a quiet day!  

It's quite an interesting thing.  Yesterday I was worried and upset about today, but after I made up my mind to take control of what I could, things were much better.  I hope the way the year starts will be the way it goes!  

Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year.  All the best in 2014!  Night!

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