January 22, 2014

Wednesday - Cool but clear for most of the day

A good day!

I slept in today.  F was at home and I don't know why I just didn't get up. I meant to.  Still, I was up in time for Ghost Whisperer and to eat some lovely home made bread.  

I had a busy morning at my computer.  I worked on the cull of the on-line group, but haven't finished quite yet. I needed a little more info from another club member first.

F went to the chiropractor today while I stayed at home. I didn't mind, I had work to do.  I took a shower while he was gone and watched Heartland, so I was quite happy!

When he came home we were both hungry, so we took a trip to the mall and went to Doutors for sandwiches.  We had the new pepper-beef with cheese and it was nice.  That tided us over nicely until dinner.  

We went over to Hard-Off for me to buy some t-shirts for a project I'm doing this summer.  I got a few, but they were actually quite nice, and a little more expensive than I had planned.  Oh well.  It took a while to find them all though.

We decided to have dinner after this and although our first choice was closed, we decided to go to the special chicken yakitori restaurant/izakaya.  We were the only people there for a long time so it was nice.  We had quite a bit of chicken, but also had a couple of veggie based dishes to lighten it.  The price was quite reasonable and we both enjoyed ourselves.  

We bought a few groceries and then came home.  I'm planning a stir-fry tomorrow, so had to get supplies for it.  

I had a quiet evening in front of my computer. I wrote a few Postcrossing cards, then went over to the couch to do a little crochet work during my show.  

F is back to work tomorrow and I'm going to finish up the cull and then it should be done for another year. Yes!

That's it for me.  I had a good day, better than I expected with my husband being off work.  Tomorrow, I have a busy day, so I'd best get some sleep now.  Wish me luck!  Night.

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