January 23, 2014

Thursday - Cool, but not too bad.

A goodish day.

I got up this morning and was disappointed to see that the bread that F tried to make last night didn't work.  It looked rather paperweight like.  It was heavy and was only 2 inches high!  

I had some breakfast, toast and yogurt.  Luckily there was still some of Wednesday's bread around!  While I was eating, F called to tell me a strange story.  Apparently the police had called him at 7:00 am to tell him that my bicycle had shown up somewhere and was probably stolen.  The odd thing is, MY bicycle is still in the bike shed. We are thinking that it might be my old bike that I turned in to the bike shop…stolen from there, or possibly stolen from F's garage.  But it is locked most of the time so we're not sure.  I have no idea what is going to happen with all of this.  Hopefully nothing.

F showed up around 12:15 with some bagels.  What a nice guy.  They're getting hard to find again.

In the afternoon I scanned my postcards, both outgoing and received, then I got dinner started.

I did a lot of prep-work tonight. I cut up half a cabbage, some mushrooms, some carrots and a couple of onions.  F came home when I was just about finished.  That meant that I was able to get dinner underway really quickly.  We had stir-fry tonight, pork stir-fry and it was good.  F liked it, and there's even some leftovers for my lunch tomorrow. Yes!

In the evening we went out for a mini-date!  We went to Mr Donut and had tea or coffee and a doughnut.  It was rather nice.  It was so quiet in there, but the parking lot was full.  

We came home afterwards and relaxed.  I watched Once Upon a Time and crocheted through it.  I'm now decreasing my lapghan as I'm down to 5 balls of yarn.  Well, less than that now.  It'll be a slight rectangle.  I love the colours.  Really love them.

I've spent the last couple of hours staring at Pinterest looking for crafting ideas for my presentation and then I started to think about my old tea-pot and went looking for it on the net.  I found one like it, plus a bunch of stuff from the shop we used to buy from near Stavanger, the Figgjo Flint factory.  It was a real memory lane.  I even saw an auction where the same salt and pepper shakers that we had went for something like $78.  Wow!

Anyway, I have to get myself off to sleep. No plans for tomorrow…a few things I have to start preparing for my trip though.  Wish me luck with that!  Night!

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