February 25, 2014

Tuesday - Sunny, a little rainy, and then clear

Today was a good day!

Historically for my family, this isn't a great day as it is the anniversary of my mother's death. Sometimes though, when I stop wallowing in self pity, it becomes a much better day.

This morning I woke up when my alarm went off the first time and dragged myself out of bed.  F wanted to go and get my taxes done as soon as the mall opened…or so I thought!  As I got up, I heard the tell-tale sound of the bread maker.  He'd just started a loaf of bread. It wouldn't be ready for two hours.  

I was perturbed, but on the other hand, I was able to watch Ghost Whisperer, so not really perturbed!  While we were waiting, F checked the tax numbers and then received a call to say that he'd left his bank card in a machine and he could come to the bank and pick it up.  Off he went, and in the meantime I got dressed.  

We had some bread when it was baked, it was nice.  Then we headed to the mall.  We were able to get my taxes done as soon as we got there.  It was simple, just a couple of stamps and a bit of discussion between F and the Tax Worker.  Done!  Whew.  

He suggested lunch in the Daiichi Hotel's Monami Restaurant, so we went there and both had the same thing.  It was pork in a pie shell, with two layered soup salad and dessert.  Of course dessert had banana ice cream with it, so I gave that to F.  

After lunch we took a drive and wound up…nope, sorry.  Not gonna tell you :-)  Think of that what you will.

Later on, we ended up at the mall for a drink and then dinner at the Bibinba place.  Yum. Long time no bibinba.  I just like typing that.  Bibinba, bibinba, bibinba.  

We came back to Tsuruoka, got groceries and then delivered them home, then went to the Internet Cafe for a while.  I read a newspaper, then did some knitting and watched The Lincoln Lawyer which I really liked.  We stayed at the Internet Cafe until 11:30ish and came home.  I watched some TV and then started blogging.  

It is terribly late now, so I have to get some sleep and go to bed.  Or the other way around.  No idea what tomorrow will bring.  Got to go.  Night.